Epaphras: An unsung giant: theufetteredpreacher

Epaphras, who was he? We find him mentioned only in the books of Colossians, and Philemon.

In Philemon 23, we learn Epaphras was a fellow prisoner, with Paul.

He was a prisoner with Paul, because he was not ashamed to proclaim the Gospel.

We know, from Paul’s writing in Colossians 1 and 4:

~ Epaphras was our dear fellowservant.

He was not just a fellow prisoner, but a fellow servant. A Willing follower and Worker for Christ.

A man who is not afraid, to proclaim his Faith, his Belief, even if it leads to mockery, scorn, stripes, and even prison.

~ A faithful minister of Christ;

Saints, he didn’t just proclaim the Gospel, he lived it. The first century Christians, proclaimed the Gospel in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Eastons Bible Dictionary defines a Minister as:

□ a subordinate officer or assistant employed in relation to the ministry of the gospel.

one who serves, as distinguished from the Master.

(See the Ministry Gifts Roman 12:4-9; Ephesians 4:11-12)

Moses, and Elijah’s Ministers, stayed by their sides, made sure their needs were supplied, their orders followed.

They are invisible, supporting the Master. Everything they do points to, Magnifies, Glorifies, Lifts up their Master. (Some people are naturally Ministers to those they respect)

Acts 4:29-31(KJV)

And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word,

By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.

And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

A powerful prayer, note please, they prayed; Lord, do what you have promised.

A faithful Minister did not just speak the Word. He was and should be, the Lord’s delivery man.

They delivered by the Power of the Holy Spirit, healing, comfort, peace, joy and the Love of Christ.

The Lord longs to touch and meet the needs of His people. He longs to use us to be the vehicle of His Grace.

We need to forget about ourselves, our wants desires, plans, and concentrate on pleasing Him.

We need to Know Him, and the Power of His Resurrection, the Fellowship of His sufferings, we must, be conformed to His image. (Philippians 3),

We should be invisible, pointing all to Christ.

~ Epaphras, also declared your love in the Spirit.

We heard:

☆ of your faith in Christ Jesus,

☆ of the love which ye have to all the saints,
☆ of the hope which is laid up for you in heaven.

This truth of the gospel; came to you because of the Faith and Zeal of Epaphras.

☆ that Gospel, brought forth fruit, since the day ye heard of it, and you knew the grace of God in truth:

Colossians 4:

Tells us of the Zeal of Epaphras, how he labors for the people in fervent, effective prayers that availeth much. (James 5)

We all, (every Church, fellowship, Christian), need an Epaphras, someone who loves us enough to battle in the Spiritual, for our mortal souls.

Who sees beyond this physical world into the next.

Are you an Epaphras?

Or do you fail, like I do, to make the cut.

There was another unsung giant, Onesimus.

In Philemon, Paul tells us, Onesimus, was at one time unprofitable to Philemon.

Through the Power of the Holy Spirit, he became so useful, Paul would have kept him as his own Minister, but felt that Philemon should receive Onesimus as a beloved brother.

To receive Onesimus, as he would Paul. If he had done Philemon any wrong, he was to forgive him, and charge it to Paul’s account.

In Colossians 4, we find Onesimus, to be a faithful and beloved brother.

If we have missed the mark, there is still time to change, to become a useful, truthful, trustworthy servant of God.

To learn to enter into the throne room of Grace, to receive the Grace and Mercy we need this day, hour or minute.

The Lord desires to walk with us, to empower those who are willing to accept the responsibility, the mantle of Leadership, in His Kingdom.

What is more important? theunfetteredpreacher

What is more important? What we believe? Or what the Bible actually says?

In my life, if I find the Bible contradicting what I’ve always thought or believed. I search the Word for the truth.

If I find two or three scriptures that agree? I have a choice to make.

Do I change my beliefs, or cling to my old ways?

So far, and I hope forever, I will throw out the old and believe the Word.

It breaks my heart, that so many will not search the scriptures and see if it is true.

They reject, out of hand, that they may have been taught incorrect information.

Their Pastors, Daddies, or Church Doctrine have authority over the written Word.

Sad. We must study to show ourselves approved, workmen rightly dividing the truth.

I only wish we would. Amen

Fighting Leviathan: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station


a transliterated Hebrew word (livyathan), meaning “twisted,” “coiled.” In Job 3:8, Revised Version, and marg. of Authorized Version, it denotes the dragon which, according to Eastern tradition, is an enemy of light; in 41:1 the crocodile is meant; in Ps. 104:26 it “denotes any large animal that moves by writhing or wriggling the body, the whale, the monsters of the deep.” This word is also used figuratively for a cruel enemy, as some think “the Egyptian host, crushed by the divine power, and cast on the shores of the Red Sea” (Ps. 74:14). As used in Isa. 27:1, “leviathan the piercing [R.V. ‘swift’] serpent, even leviathan that crooked [R.V. marg. ‘winding’] serpent,” the word may probably denote the two empires, the Assyrian and the Babylonian.

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly fighting the “Leviathan.” 

He is my carnal, natural man.

The side of me that thinks I am smarter, stronger, faster and more just, then the living God.  (The not ready for reality side of me).

I cannot conquer that part of me.

The only way to gain the victory is:

* To totally surender to the Lord Jesus as both Savior and Lord.

* To live a life of ready repentance, to accept resonsibilty for our actions, words and attitudes.

* To fill ourselves with the Word of God.

* To open ourselves to and be obedient to the Spirt of God.

* To learn to walk with Jesus

Simple, right?  

It is what the Lord desires of us.  Why do we fail so consistantly?

If you know the secret to total surender, please share.  That is where I wish to reside.

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Lord, I hate to complain, but… – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

You are my Savior, my Lord and Protector, my Shepherd, my Fortress, the Rock of my Salvation, my God, in You do I trust.

We have lived these past 21 years, by faith, and You have met all our needs, according to Your riches in Glory in Christ Jesus.

That was then,… and I thank You,… but this is  NOW, today.

As my Shepherd, You have promised in Psalm 23, that: “I shall not want.”  Now, I don’t want to contradict You,

but we are in want.

Your Word tells us in Genisis 22, that You are “Jehovah Jireh”,the God who provides“. 

Again Lord,

we are in need of Your provision.

Your Word tells us in Ephesians 3, You are “able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” 

Lord, I can, and do, ask, think and expect more….

we need more.

Lord, I hate to complain, but here it is.

}  We are behind on bills we should be in front of.

}  We need more work for me, or for You to open the door, of a new way to earn that which we need, for us to stay off the streets.

It is that simple, we need $- – – -.00 to get current.  (He knows how much).

If you have read this far please pray with us that God will give us the desires of our hearts.  Amen

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I heard the Lord say: 12/20/14


“This is your last Christmas “.

IT WASN’T. It is funny how you can be sure you have heard His voice, and have misunderstood, miss heard, don’t understand the time frame. Well I am not sure which I did, but I have lived through an other Christmas.

If you are Interested, this is the post that was supposed to follow my departure.

If you are reading this, that was a word from the Lord. As I write, It is now April of 2015, I feel alot better than I  did in December.  But I  woke up this morning  with the thought to get my house in order.

Today I tune a couple of pianos for Gail Ebron.  What a treasure she and Gene have been.  God fearing customers since I started in business, along with the Tunnels probably my most steady customers for 20 years.  Thank you.

I  do have a very small life insurance policy,  but I am afraid my trust is in God to take care of Bette and Celeste. I am sure He will do a better job without the help I’ve given Him the last 30 years.

My 2 girls have been my biggest blessing,  they have given me love and joy that I  have not deserved.  I am so proud of them both.  It is just God, that I ended up with such a wonderful family.

I failed  to be the miracle working man of God I desired to be.  I tried to Submit to God and Resist the Devil.  I wanted to be a useful vessel.  A man God could trust, rely on, depend on, to walk with Jesus.

Some days I almost am.  Others I am out in the puker brush doing my own thing.  God forgive me.  I ‘m not anything but a sinner saved by His Grace.

Work wise I have a few pianos I wish I had never seen.  Work that I failed, never should have attempted.   I gave every job my best, on some my lack of knowledge, experience led me down the garden path.  Thank God I  gained the knowledge and experience to see fewer of these each year.

Other than family, this blog has given me a reason to go on.  It has been a blessing to share whatever insights I’ve received from the Lord. I  pray it has caused some to get a little closer to our Saviour.

I may add more to this as time goes by.

Get your house in order….I have failed at that also. Will I die before Christmas? Some days I think so. Others I feel fine, till I don’t.

I need to finish getting the piano parts ready for Bette to sell, same with the train things. There is so much stuff I should throw away, before I go away.

More importantly, Celeste graduated from UNCW, with a gold cord…so proud, Lord, please bless her with work she enjoys and is financially satisfying.

Taylor is a good kid, bless them both please Lord. If they marry, may he be a better husband, father and provider then I have been.

I worry about Bette, lots of low sugars lately…Lord, please guide and protect her….Thank You for her, she is a blessing.

Lord, thank you for this blog and the people who have read, followed and liked my writing. I pray You have been Glorified as I have been satisfied. I do hope You have used it to touch hearts.

I look at this, (the blog), as all I have to leave my girls, and they don’t even read it. I had hoped a book would be the result of some posts…..lol.

Jesus, thanks for allowing me to teach your Word at FMUMC. I pray they walk closer to You because of what they have learned.

The choir has been a blessing also. Thanks.

Bless our extended families. I trust You will take care of my girls. I love You.

I am obviously alive, it doesn’t change my feelings of failure, regret, and satisfaction. Our lives don’t run in a straight line, we weave and bob, zig and zag.

We do our best to be the people we dream to be. Faithful, loving, selfless, forgiving, helpful, joyful, peaceful, Christ like.

Well, there’s always next year.

Blessings to all. May the Lord, help us to see Him as we look at our reflections in the eyes of others. Change our hearts O Lord. . . .

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Neglected Caroline – 11 / 7 / 15


Neglected Caroline – I drove by this spot yesterday,  this fine piece of craftsmanship is no longer.  Gone, not forgotten.

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Measure of Faith vrs Full of the Spirit : – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

Romans 12:3. Tells us God gives everyone a Measure of Faith.   We choose to activate it when we repent, confess and accept Jesus as both Lord and Savior.

Then it is up to us to increase, to build up the Faith we have received.   We do this by reading the Word, by stepping out in that Faith, sharing the Love and Grace, (Gods unmerited Forgiveness and Favor, Salvation).

James 2:26 
“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

For Faith is not passive but demands action.

Jude 1:20
King James Version (KJV)
“But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,  Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.”

Praying in the Holy Ghost or Spirit,  that my friend is Praying in Tongues. ..This is where being Filled with the Spirit comes in.

The Lord doesn’t  appear to give a measure of the Holy Spirit :   He certainly filled Jesus.

John 3:34
King James Version (KJV)
“For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him.”

When  we receive the Lord we receive the Spirit in Full,  someone came up with what we have called  the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,  with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

I  have thought of it this way for over 30 years, the Baptism of the Spirit as a second blessing.  An immersion into and of Gods Spirit.

 Always hearing those who don’t speak in tongues arguing,  if I  didn’t have the Holy Spirit,  I couldn’t have been saved.

Peter and Paul both asked:  “Have you received the Holy Spirit  since you’ve believed? “

They then prayed :

Acts 2:4
King James Version (KJV)
“And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”

Some point out speaking in tongues is not always mentioned,  true;  but it is not ruled out either.

Paul encouraged us to be filled with the Spirit :

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