It Must Be Said:  bill the unfetteredpreacher cote

The Palestinians are all upset that Israel fights back.  When attacked  they retaliate,  and Palestinians die. 

Surprise, surprise, surprise!  You learn something new every day. 

A disorganized rag tag bunch against a well trained army.  Wow!

We haven’t seen a victory for a small group of rebels since the American revolution, and we, at that time, had God on our side.

In the middle east  God is clearly, with Israel.  

I do not believe Israel is infringing on the human rights of the Palestinians.  They are free to own property, work and recreate wherever and whenever they please.

They want their own country,  I understand.  I believe they have been offered and have rejected many ways and plans to achieve this end.

They’ve rejected all offers because they’re real agenda is to remove Israel from existence.

Now, to what needs to be said, here in America:

Here in the US, we have our own rag tag bunch of revolutionarys.

Unlike Israel, our revolutionarys are not seeking a new country.  (I don’t think), but they do want to remove our government, police departments and any other hindrance to what they might desire.

They do not understand economic policies, and believe everything could and should be free.  The man that has worked tirelessly  to build his business has no right to a profit.  That money should be shared with those who have not worked. 

No our Revolutionaries, are part of our government.  They are the Liberal members of the Democratic Party, and they are not alone.

They are joined by several terrorist groups, including but not confined to AnTiFa, and BLM.  Both of these groups are not just anti-American, but also anti-∅Law Enforcement.

They demand, that we reject our history, be ashamed of our whiteness, and bow down to their every whim and cry.  Their desires and happiness are all that matters.

AnTiFa and BLM can and do kill each other, (no problem).  But let a police officer kill a black man, even one, in the midst of a horrible crime;  and riots, unrest, and trouble follow.

They Steal, Kill and Destroy, but we must stand back and allow them to hurt the rest of us.  They also want us to agree with the lie that Bob is transforming into Betty and call him her.

I refuse to humor their mental illness, a boy, is a boy, is a boy, even if he disfigures himself.   No thank you, we never should have closed the old State Hospitals for the mentally disturbed.  We need them today!

I am concerned that the American way, the American dream, that America itself, is in danger of losing to the Socialist mindset!

We can not allow those who do not understand how the economy works, how law and order keep us safe, who understand not, that we must have Moral, Godly, Strong Leadership.  (The Leader may be rude, seem to be mean, and immovable, and still, be just what we need.

We do not have to be seen to hate world leaders we do not agree with, but the smart man never shows publicly, how he feels, yet, the other leader knows where he stands. (Russia and Korea both, sat back and behaved.). 

How’s that working with our New Leader?


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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote

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