What? The Prodigal didn’t return?

Once saved always saved? Not biblical. I get such a kick out of people who say God has to do things the way they believe.

Please, understand this; God is love, and would have all come to the knowledge of salvation.

  He sent His Son that the world might be saved, not condemned.   His love, grace, and mercy are new
every morning.  He does hold us in the palm of his hand, and  will let no one snatch us away.

That does not stop us  from walking away from his presence as Lot (Cain) did. We can turn our back on God anytime. The thought that folks who walk away were never really saved, scares me more the knowing I have the free will to walk away. 

Why is it some think we lose free will once we are saved? Noah’s family we’re saved because they stayed in Noah’s boat. They had free will to jump out anytime.

Then there’s the old saying that God will never do anything to harm us. it is the devil that comes to kill steal and destroy.

The truth of the matter is, when we sin he may allow the devourer into our lives to bring us to repentance.. He may harden our hearts for a time until we turn back towards him.

When the Lord tested Job and Abram He knew what the results would be.  He wanted them to understand how great their faith  was. A test or problems are not always a bad thing, they show who we are in Christ.

The shepherd looks for the lost sheep, not the disobedient rebellious one.

The Lord, like the Prodigal  sons father, May long  for and look for our return but He will not force us, as He did not force us at the first.

Our God sits on his throne, and does what he pleases. When we begin to understand that, and then we will understand the understandable.  The Awesome God.


Lord, please help us to believe and understand Your Word, will and ways.  Thank You that through Jesus we have access and forgiveness,  help us to Walk with You in obedience, faithfulness and truth.

Open our hearts, minds and wills to Your Holy Spirit, guide, direct and protect us from evil.  Amen

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