Praise ye the Lord:  Day 148/2017:  theunfetteredpreacher 

The message today, is PRAISE YE THE LORD.  It does not matter who or what you are, mountain,  river,  star or beast, angel or man, king or slave.

The Lord demands PRAISE.  For a long time, I believed effective Praise, came mainly by song.  I was wrong. 

We can and do Praise, when our song lifts up the Lord, exalts the Lord, thanks the Lord.  The problem is many of our songs, concentrate on us.

I have come to believe effective corporate and private Praise, is just lifting our voices, not in unison,  but each individual as they are lead.


Me:  I love you Lord, I exalt You, I Praise Your Holy Name, Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord, ect

At the same time, you:  I exalt You Lord, I magnify, You Oh Awesome God, I love You, ect.

When a group of people lift up their Praise…  God is Exalted on High.  We get His attention.   He hears and enjoys our Praise.

I encourage you to try it….  we experience His Presence. 


Thank You, EMT’S:  theunfetteredpreacher 

This thank you, is long overdue.   I should have written it, a few years ago and again, another one a few weeks ago.

A Special Heart Felt, Thank You, to the Carteret County’s EMT’S.   They have cared for us, more often, then we would like.

They certainly, are a very present help, in times of trouble. 

My wife and I are both, Diabetic. 

My wife for 50 years.  She is in excellent health, and is more afraid of high blood sugars than low.

She keeps careful watch, but there are times that things slip by, and suddenly her sugar is too low for me to bring her around.   

A very scary time, the EMT’S, calmly, carefully administer, that which I can’t, and  She usually bounces back quickly.  (Thank you).

Myself, on the other hand, do not have the long history of Diabetes. 

I have adult onset, Diabetes.   I am not the guy that stops  3 or 4 times  a day,  to check my blood sugar, (my error).

I figure out what I  should take, and what I should eat, and run with it.  

This has not always worked out, as planned. 

I have been carried to the hospital a couple of times with low sugar, (After being rescued, from places, the EMT’S,  really had to work at, to reach me, . … sorry, …  nothings ever easy).

To eventually be released, from the hospitals  wonderful  care, later that night…  sugar leval, corrected.   

I have gotten better at keeping track, but honestly, if it can happen to my wife, as carefully  as she keeps track, I am concerned,  how easily low sugars can occur. 

The EMT’S, have also given me a ride to the ER, a few times for pneumonia.  They again, have given excellent care.

I cannot praise Carteret Health Care, staff, and all the EMT’S in the area, enough to truly thank them, and I thank the Lord, that they are here. In our times of need.

Once again, THANK YOU.