The Holy Spirit/ Ghost:  The New Testament:   theunfetteredpreacher 

In The Old Testament we had the “Spirit of God.” He covered the earth, the “Spirit of God ,” was with Joseph,  to interpret dreams, to give the Wisdom, that saved Egypt and the Hebrews from the 7 year drought. 

Joseph was made second only to the Pharoah, in power and stature in the land.

Latter we find the Lord giving the “Spirit of God, ” to build The Tabernacle in the desert.   That “Spirit,” is still given today.  To empower us to build His Kingdom,  His Church. 

It is a “Spirit” of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge in all manner of workmanship. 

It is a Spirit that empowers Prophets, Teachers, Leaders.  It fills us with His Word and Power to share the Gospel.  It is the Spirit, Jesus promised to those who believe. 

The “Spirit of God ” the “Holy Spirit, and the Holy Ghost” are all interchangeable names   of the Comforter,  the One who teaches and leads us to all truth, and gives us Wisdom, in the New Testament. 

This Spirit, throughout the Bible has caused the barren to give birth. Gives Words of Knowledge, Wisdom and Prophecy to those who have open hearts and minds to the will of God.

Jesus Baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire.  

People were filled with the Holy Ghost, while we are only given a measure of Faith.  The measure to believe, if we will.  

We must build up our Faith, but the Lord fills us with His Holy Spirit and Power, to share His Word, Heal the Sick, Reveal His Will, Comfort the Brokenhearted,  Touch the hearts and minds of those in need.

If we allow Him, He will give us a prayer language.  A language we do not understand, our Spirit speaks directly to the Spirit of God. 

The Perfect Prayer.

The Gifts of the Spirit are available to whosoever will, the problem is so many won’t. 

We seem to think, the Lord forces the Gifts upon those who have them.  When the reality is, we must seek them, ask for them, learn to use them, to multiply them.

The Lord would have us be Powerful, Bold, Strong in the Lord.  By the Power of the Holy Ghost. 

The Holy Spirit leads us to all truth, fills us with Power to do the will of God,  leads us to the peace that passes understanding. 

We can deny and reject Christ.  This greaves the Holy Spirit,  when we deny the Holy Spirit we are walking in a dark and dangerous place.

There is no where to hide, when we deny the Holy Spirits, call and Presence in our lives.

We really should seek Him, recognize Him, invite Him tonlead and guide us in our Walk with the Lord.

When we take the Yoke of Jesus as our own, we will experience signs and wonders following.  We will experience the Lord as our Shepherd,  we shall not want.

He will supply all our needs in the riches and glory of Christ Jesus. 

Is that not what we want?  It is what I long for. Amen

Tales of my father 12:  theunfetteredpreacher 

This tale is about my mothers side of the family. I didn’t know this until just before Mom died, but I was named after her brother, who had died as a teenager. 

I will have to check with my two remaining aunts about him.  I cannot remember his story.

Archie and Ina Currier.  

He was over six feet tall, had to be close to 275 lbs.   A big man, who worked with his hands.  (Wood working mostly).

She was five foot nothing, maybe 100 lbs, kept the house and the 7 kids in line. She baby sat me often.

On one such occasion, my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Ty were back visiting, after being stationed overseas with the Air Force.

They had a little red, car, (Italian, I think), that had wings on the back, much like the 57 Chevy.

I was running in the yard, and tripped on a tree root, fell onto the back wing, drivers side and broke my nose.

Gram, took me inside, kept putting water on ny face, which caused it to bleed more.  She called Mom, off to see Dr. Mason.

I do not remember if he set it, or sent us elsewhere,  but it turned out straight, if a little big.

(David had broken Martha’s nose with a shovel when they were young,  her nose, ended up with a bump and slight turn).

I think I was in the third grade, I had two black eyes and a broken nose.  My nose hurt, and I wasn’t able to wear my glasses.

It was frustrating to be home from school, TV on, that I could only hear.  I am a big talk radio fan today.  

(I was black eyed broken nosed cote… not my favorite jingle).  

They lived on Pleasent St. On the corner across from Lumbards.

They had a barn, I wasn’t allowed to play in,  (Bummer), and the front porch that was only a couple of steps up off the ground.

The side porch, all (wrap around?) was a full story above the ground.  

I was playing on the porch, minding my own business,  when Grampa saw me.

Now, the real problem here was that my Grandmother loved cats.  I have no idea how many, (5 to 7 maybe?), but Grampa decided I was old enough for this piece of Wisdom. 

He grabbed a cat and tossed it off the front porch and explained how they always landed on their feet.


After imparting this Wisdom, he proceeded to his chair in the living room.  (He was the only guy I knew who ate peas with a knife).

Well, this revelation called for expermentation.  Could this possibly be true?

So I grabbed a cat.  I want you to realize, to prove this a three foot drop, was simply, not enough.  

I  needed the long side (10 or 12 foot), plus I would throw the cat up in the air as hard as I could, with a good spin.

How else could this be proved?  Well it was getting harder to catch my test subjects, when Gram, looked out the window. 

I had no idea that, that little woman could make so much noise.  

I couldn’t tell a lie… So I threw Grampa under the bus.

She shook her finger and let him know how much she appreciated his input in my life.  

I only remember  one more word of Wisdom from him.

I do not know what the occasion was, but my cusin Buster was staying at our house, over night.  We had a tent set up on the front lawn.

In any case we were in the living room at Grama’s house, it was getting late and I told Grampa I was going to take a shower and wash my hair, before going to bed in the tent. 

I believe with all I am that he said:  “You’ll catch your death of cold, if you do that.”

He died that evening.  

Many fond memories from my youth. I hope you enjoyed.