Why our children kill: theunfetteredpreacher

Many are blaming the availability of guns. Rifles, Pistols, semi automatics…. as being the problem.

Horse feathers…

The problem started in the 60’s, drugs became acceptable in some circles, Abortion, became legal.

Suddenly our little brothers or sisters are killed in the womb, so…. what is my life worth?

It got worse, prayer, and the pledge of allegiance, were no longer modeled daily, in our home rooms, at school.

Parents said, “I do not force my children to go to church. When they grow up, they can choose for themselves.”

When we no longer, teach our youth, about morals, charactor, right and wrong, and we confuse them, by telling them they can be a girl, if born a boy, or vice versa.

Can you not see, where this path leads?

Our movies and video games do not help either. Violence and sex. As a young teen, I saw “The Graduate,” at the drive in.

Fooling around with married women was a perfectly acceptable.

My life was a mess. Booze, Drugs, Sex, Rock and Roll….

If you wish to stop this train wreck of killings, we must turn back to God.

I know, many scoff, there is no God, prayer is pointless. Unbelievers cannot believe, because, God is Spiritually Discerned.

The unbelievers will continue in their downward spiral.

It is up to those of us, who believe.

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We need to learn to fast and pray. Too many believers, can not, or do not, know how to pray effectual, fervent prayers.

Prayers that receive the attention of God.

Are we willing to sacrifice our time and effort?

Tunes I Love: Royal Garden Blues-bill


Royal Garden Blues

“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.”
― Thelonious Monk

The start of another great year. May a door open to Preach, Teach and see souls Saved and Healed.

The Fire Plug: theunfetteredpreacher

hydrant: : a discharge pipe with a valve and spout at which water may be drawn from a water main (as for fighting fires) —called also fireplug. (Webster)

When we bought our house, I was pleased that there was a fireplug, at the end of our driveway.

Many times over the years, I have come home to find the Fire Department had been by and made sure Water came out with force. (They periodically check them).

(Did you see the Super Bowl commercial, with the Old guy, being tossed around by the Force of the water through the Fire hose?) lol

That is what we want and expect, if the fireplug is needed. It could and does save lives, and homes.

(I remember an unfunny joke, about cellar hole savers). Sad when so many risk all in the pursuit of saving lives, and property.

We find fireplugs, placed strategically in our towns and cities. (They seem to block the best parking places… lol)

The day before I was to go for my Drivers License, (at 16), I had been driving a Corvair, around my Dad’s garage lot.

I had spun around, (fish tailed, such fun), when the back end struck a snow bank.

The throttle stuck, revving fast.

Of course, that was the day Dad, let me drive home, … illegally.

I got to the first corner, from Main to Center street. Popped the clutch, went around the corner, … too far; .. and hit the fireplug.

Thankfully, no damage, (except to my ego).

Dad just said: “Put it in reverse, and get out of here. Go, go, …”


My best friends Mom was on her porch across the street, saw and reported it all to her son.

Fifty years later, I still have a red face.

Fireplugs, a wonderful invention.

As Christians, we are connected to a fireplug of sorts. He is called the Holy Spirit.

In Him, we find Power to Heal, and Comfort, to Teach, to Guide, Direct and Protect not just us, but those we encounter.

Unfortunately, we are connected, yet fail to understand how (to turn on), to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us.

Our Speech, our Touch, our Prayers, so much of the time, is dead, at birth.

Our experience, in no way mirrors the lives and times of the first century Christians. Why is this?

We come to Jesus, because we realize, we need something. We need….

We live our lives, blessed by God fulfilling Our Needs. This really is wonderful; yet there is a better way.

Psalms 37, tells us “The Lord gives us the desires of our hearts.”

He gives us the desire to know and serve Him, not the desire for petty, personal, wealth or things.

I have changed my prayer, from Lord, I want to do such and such to serve You.

To: “Lord, may my life fulfil the desires of Your heart, may I Walk in Your Way and achieve Your results.”

Will this help me to rediscover the Power of the Holy Spirit flowing through my life?

Only time will tell. Amen