“Some trust in chariots:” theunfetteredpreacher

Psalm 20: 7-9

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright. Save, LORD: let the king hear us when we call.”

So many friends, have helped us, after the Storm. That is still causing flooding and road closures today. As I gazed out my window last Friday morning, I was overwhelmed.

We were blessed with only minor damage, but the work required to clean up, was too much. I really didn’t know how I was going to accomplish it.

We really appreciated our trees and the shade and beauty they provided. It hurt to see them and the amount of work to cut, and remove, the debris, and to repair the fence and roof.

Bette should not bend over or pick up anything over 8 pounds. I am fine, as long as I am not doing much…lol… I run out of steam and strength too quickly, it takes a long time to complete the simplest tasks.

So once again the Lord provided the widom, strength and ability to get the job done, in the form of willing people, some we had not really met, yet, and others, who are long time friends.

The Lord used the willing. I thank them and the Lord for His everlasting mercy and love.

Lord, give me a willing heart, and the strength and ability to help others in need.

Thank you Jesus.

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Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God.
I desire a more intimate one.

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Another wonderful couple of friends came over, removed the broken limbs and branches from the trees in the our back yard, and put some tar like substance over the nails and edges where shingles were torn off our roof. (temp fix till we get some shingles).

Bonnie and Gerry, (Gary), we treasure your friendship. You have been a Blessing to us since we first attended your home group. You worked so hard today, and our other friends yesterday …. I need a couple of days to recover from all your labors. lol

I really can not repay all of you for your love, care and labor, while Bette and I continue to regain health and strength.

Please call on us, if we can in any way return the favors. Sorry there are no pictures today… I must be slipping.


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Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God.
I desire a more intimate one .

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We arrived home from Bette’s chemo, when to my surprise we found this. Ray and Norma, Tony (the man from the corner), Christina and two of their youngest, doing the work on the tree in the front yard.

Ray, will be back with a bigger chain saw to finish it off, and to make me a replacement stand for my Anvil.

More help on the way, in the next couple of days.

Praise the Lord!!! Thank you so much.

A job thankfully done… Amen

So Long Florence , so long: theunfetteredpreacher

The Storm is turning and churning, arriving in NC. No longer a 4 or 5, but a 2. Water surge is what we are concerned about now. (9/13/18) Power out at 2:30 pm.

9/18/18 Power on at 10:53 am.

During the storm, Windy Trail was a river, the man across the street and one from the corner, saved us from a flood.

I saw him (from across the street, not a young man), outside in the pouring rain, working, shoving the handle of a rake into the sewer drain. I thought, ‘All he is doing is opening it up so it will back up, onto our street.’

A few hours later the road was just wet, not flooded.

An other couple hours pass and the river is back, the man, from the corner, and his sons, were opening the drains again. When the rain finally became just a trickle, the water receded.

We were much more concerned about the back of the house getting wet. (During long rains, water stands just below our doors), but it never rose. (God always has a twist or turn for us to marvel at).

Our trees and fence did not fare as well. We also lost shingles from the roof. We had a time in the hot and dark. Our neighbors think we are old buzybodies. (We either sit out front or back, where it is cooler).

We have some new neighbors who put on quite a show… Yelling, Roaring off in a truck. Police came to visit them twice. The truck and driver have not returned.

From the Front:


Now The Son and the sun are shining, power on, phone and internet spotty. It is easy to think the world is back to normal. It isn’t, the worst is still to come for many. The floods are, and will be killers.

I pray safety and comfort for all that are effected.

We have received texts from Celeste, they are fine, roof leaked and ceiling in living room collapsed . Still no way in or out of Wilmington. I believe she goes back to work at noon tomorrow.

That is all for now, eccept to thank the Lord and all who prayed, that we and those we love, are alive and well in Newport,NC.

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We all have the relationship we want with God.
I desire a more intimate one.

Hello Florence : theunfetteredpreacher

We live on the Crystal Coast of NC,, our daughter lives in the Cape Fear area, (in Wilmington, NC).

We Have lived in the area since 1985, and we saw many Hurricanes in the late 80’s. We left and went inland for some, the last time we left, we went to Goldsboro and had a foot of water in my sister- in- laws yard.

We had an extremely dangerous trip back to Morehead City, (driving thru moving water, on flooded roads), only to find, not a branch down and no power outage at home.

We now will either be geniuses or idiots, if we stay or leave. My daughter Celeste, remembers the drive home, through the flood and has decided to stay in her apartment. I believe we will be staying at home.

I am asking for your prayers, that both we and Celeste are geniuses,for our decision. Our men’s group met this am, and agreed to pray for our loved ones and all others will be safe, with a minimum of property damage, at 8 pm today.

We certainly covert your prayers also.

God Bless.

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We all have the relationship we want with God

. I desire a more intimate one

bill theunfetteredpreacher

Neglected Caroline: 8/10/18


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We all have the relationship we want with God.
I desire a more intimate one

The Fear of the Spiritual is Natural: theunfetteredpreacher

1 Corinthians 2:5

“That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”

How did you come to believe in Salvation? Did you find irrefutable evidence of a Heaven and Hell.? Or did the Spirit of God, draw you close, open your eyes and ears, That you would believe?

I think that the Holy Spirit has softened our hearts, so we could believe the Truth, of the Holy Spirit.

The Fear of the Spiritual is Natural.

Unless it’s Ghosts and Goblins, Witches or Voodoo, Oujia boards, or Fortune Tellers. We enjoy the tingle of fear as we seek the evil spirits, as we play at the spiritual, the supernatural, the study of the stars to predict our futures.

Yet so many reject, the truth of the Holy Spirits, power to lead, guide, comfort and heal our physical bodies and the Spiritual Gift of Joy, Love, Peace, and the Fellowship with the Godley. They seem to think they will no longer have the Freewill, to do as they please.

My family was amazed that I didn’t drink alcohol or do illegal drugs after I was saved some 30+ years ago. I did not have to hide who I was, my fears were relieved, I found the Peace that passes understanding, and forgiveness that I did not deserve.

You can also. Except the Holy Spirit, the Lord is wanting to spend time with us, and see who He can show Himself Strong.

2 Chronicles 16:9

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars.

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We all have the relationship we want with God.
I desire a more intimate one.