why unfettered?


Pronunciation: \-ˈfe-tər\

Function: transitive verb

Date: 14th century

1 : to free from fetters <unfetter a prisoner> 2 : emancipate, liberate <unfetter the mind from prejudice>

Why unfettered?
Posted on April 24, 2014 by bill theunfetteredpreacher cote
Growing up in the Catholic Church I knew that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead to save my soul. I also knew the Bible stories that every Christian teaches their children. What I did not realize was that Jesus is alive and well and available to all, for the asking.

When I finally asked Him into my life and entered Bible School I started to mark my Bible, what scriptures was I taught today? Did it line up with yesterday’s teaching? What verses did they skip? Why? How does it line up with what I thought was true? What to believe?

God truly blessed me by bringing me to Christian Retreat in Florida to learn of Him. We had multiple teachers and teachings. I lived and worked there for three years and left with a good understanding of how to study the Bible.

All of that said, It wasn’t until recently, while seeking more of Jesus that He opened His Word anew to me. The eyes of my understanding suddenly saw what the Word had always said, not what I had taken for granted. I had always thought of the Lord God as one member of the Trinity. He was the Father God of the New Testament in the Old Testament.

We had the Lord God and the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and Jesus made His appearance in the New. I knew Jesus was there (in the Old Testament), somewhere but silent, invisible waiting for His cue to appear.

Then I remembered that the Lord noticed that Moses turned aside to see and God said. That Noah found grace in the Lords eyes and Noah walked with God. The Lord said “Have you considered my servant Job, he hates evil and fears God. ” There are many examples of the different Natures of the Father and Son; especially evident between the Spirit of God and the Spirit of the Lord.

I needed to further study the Old Testament to understand what the Lord is showing me. This blog is my attempt to teach what I am learning to whosoever will, to help in their walk with God. Is anyone interested?

I call these and other discoveries “Billisms”, truths I see in the Word that I’ve not heard taught.  Please remember the basics of our faith: Jesus Christ;  born of a virgin,  died on the cross,  rose again and sits at the Fathers right hand,  to give us access  to the Holy of Holies.

If we can agree on these things, we can have fellowship.   My “Billisms”  I hope will encourage you to study the word and decide the truth for yourself.

Are your beliefs based on the Word of God, or the doctrine of man.  I urge you to take off your Doctrinal glasses and reread the Word.

We need to believe that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.   We need to believe in God and believe like God, then walk with Jesus.

I consider this blog, A Filling Station – Fix-it Shop. ….come in get filled and or repaired, then go out and fill or repair someone else with the Spirit and Word of  our Lord.

Look behind you,  are there signs and wonders following?   Why not?

I have gotten some criticism of my Neglected Caroline photos. I share them for several reasons.

First, I wonder why all these houses or boats, that were once loved, are now left behind.

Second, I think they represent the state of the Christian Church today, (not yours surely ).

The Church, as a whole has buried the Talents, (the gifts of the Spirit ). Until we dig them up and increase our use of them, the Church will struggle to increase daily as the Lord promised.

Eccentric and Fleet Caroline I just hope people will enjoy. Thank you for any comments, likes and of course follows. I really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for looking.   Please  comment or contact me, share your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “why unfettered?

  1. So glad I had the opportunity to read your post this morning. I’ve been missing out. So far. I’ve only read one post, but you can be sure I’ll be back for more! Keep it coming, I look forward to following your journey.

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  2. What can I address you as ? Bill ?
    Reading this post, I get an idea of your fascination with things old and neglected. Again, I am blown away by the fact that you have the time and inclination to find out neglected, left behind things and try to find out the connection between them and the Christian Church.
    I am seeking the Lord also but often slip away when things don’t go the way, I think they should go and God should allow them to go.


    • Yes, I answer to Bill. I was saved in a Charismatic Church, sat under the teachings of men and women who believed and practiced, Praise, Worship, prayer for the sick and healing.

      Before Benny Him got so big he came to teach a couple weeks a year for the 3 years I was in Bible school.
      》now, for the last 5 years I have been in a church that loves the Lord, but they don’t really think He works miracles today, they are afraid of ….I don’t really know? “They know not the scriptures or the power of God.”
      “The form of Godliness,” but no life.

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      • But Bill, there are miracles even today. Each day I experience them- of course, they may not be of the type of an old lady conceiving ( Sarah) or of fire coming down from heaven to burn a sacrifice but miracles are there and they are all around us.

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      • Bill, that needn’t happen or if it did perhaps you didn’t know about it but it could be that a kind word spoken by you or your hand provided healing to some soul who just needed that word or touch at that moment.


      • Very true…still think we should be walking in the Power of the Spirit. Isaiah 41:20
        That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it.
        If Jesus needed miracles to draw men unto Himself, why do we think we don’t.
        I just believe we should and could see more Power, if we could be intrusted with it.

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