I won $500,000 dollars!!!

My wife and I have been praying for our financial situation the last few months and today our ship came in.

We’ve written the thithe ck, ordered new cars and are watching the mail for the ck.

Isn’t this exciting.  Let me share how I found out:  We received an instant message from FB.

Hello Bill, how are you doing today?

I am well,  you?

Fine, thanks.

My name is Juan Thomas from the Facebook headquarters based in the USA, I am a Facebook Online Coordinator.

I am pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws held on the 10th of Aug 2015 by Facebook group in cash promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook worldwide.

Actually, We are sorry for the late announcement of your winnings Prize to you

And i am delighted to inform you that your name was luckily selected among the Five-hundred(500) lucky winners who won the sum of Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars($500,000.00)



Great, mail me the check.

So here we are, victims of a FB scam, wishing the Lord had come through.   Hope springs eternal, even when we know better.  Gonna send me a check, Marc?  Didn’t  think so.

God is able.  Juan a sick puppy.  A good laugh and heartache, another day in paradise.

Thanks for visiting.
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote
Know you are loved.

Can’t find God ? – PRAISE – The Fix-it Shop-Filling

I’ve been feeling forgotten, the Lord has been distant, uncaring, I ‘ve prayed for nought.  No answer, silence, is the Lord taking a walk?

Maybe He is napping?  Mayhaps He has taken His hand off the tiller of my life?

I have been floundering, sinking, lost in the storm.

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at the time when kings – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

” at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, ”  2 Samuel 11

The story of Davids  fall and our fall also.

Instead of leading his people in battle, the king is relaxing on his couch.  Going to his roof, looking about for something to interest him.

When we are looking for something, rather than doing what we should, the Devil is always willing to provide.

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let thine heart keep

The writer of Proverbs says, let thine heart. Let thine heart, sounds like something our heart desires to do, that we need to let it do.

I believe this to be true. All of mankind is seeking and searching for something bigger than themselves. Some look for it in science, some look for it in false religions and some find it in Christ.

In Proverbs three, the writer said: ” <strong>My son forget not my law, but let thine heart keep my commandments.”

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I will raise me up a faithful priest, – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

1 Samuel 2:35
King James Version (KJV)
35 And I will raise me up a faithful priest, that shall do according to that which is in mine heart and in my mind: and I will build him a sure house; and he shall walk before mine anointed for ever.

What is a faithful priest?

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