The frustration of small business :

I have worked full time tuning pianos for 21 years.  I’ve had  pretty steady work, have paid the bills and a little extra most months.

Being self employed,  I haven’t had insurance, vacation pay,  retirement funds.  Just pay for the work done.

Never to be rich but happy with what we had.  If sick, the Doctors I’ve been to have been extremely generous in their charity and understanding.

They have excepted what I could pay.

The local Hospital has let us make Payments for the rest of our lives……Generous in their charity also.

Then I kept hearing I should have a web site, it will increase business, be the greatest tool on my belt.

I  have a beautiful web site:

I am very pleased with how it looks.  I get several phone calls a day.  If they were all from people requesting tuning and repair, I  would be on the moon.

Most are from Google and other sesrch engines, always checking to see if the information on the site is correct and would I like to invest a mere $100.00 a month to get a higher position on their search engine, because they have one number one spot left and my business is perfect for it.

I may take the site down next year… circulating the drain.

Insurance,  now I have Obama Care……

Sign up again every year, policy changes, exorbitant deductible, high Co – pays…..

Another needless, senseless  headache, a problem created to solve a non-existent need.

Don’t get me started on small business taxation.

I just want to work, sleep, repeat. …..don’t call me and ask for money,  There are more ways to spend, then money in the pot.

Government,  Insurance,  Web search engines. ..LEAVE ME IN PEACE….or just send an email. …then I can just delete.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon.
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote
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