the eyes of them both were opened, – The Fix-it Shop

“And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked;”


This scripure is from Genesis 3….the fall of man, when he realized he was a sinner.

This blog has been written primarily to Believers, in hopes of inspiring them to a closer walk with the Lord.  I  have assumed a certain basic knowledge of the Word from my readers.

What of those who stumble across it, and just think it is religion, they haven’t experienced or recognized, the gentle knock at their hearts, of the Lord.

They may believe, believers to be weak, in need of a crutch….not as strong or intelligent as they.   Somehow less….

They have not recognized their nakedness.   Their eyes have not been opened.  

When I was first saved, I would almost beat them with the Word. 

As I realized people avoided and rejected me, I backed off till they didn’t recognize  I was a believer.  I  wasn’t showing Christ at all.

Failure on both counts.

I have learned, it is not my job to save them.  It is Christ, in me, the hope of glory.  My job is to sow, water and if I am blessed reap. 

I must walk worthy of His high calling.   Honest, upright,  loving, giving, caring.  Be different from the world, gracious, understanding, welcoming.  Willing to lead and teach.

Jesus wasn’t religious, He ate with publicans and sinners.  He did not share in their sin but showed them a more excellent way.

It is Gods job to open their eyes and our job, to show the more excellent way.

Lord, help us to recognize our part of Your plan.  To obey and realize You said, “it is finished “…..

We must rest in You as You bring people to Yourself by the Spirit, through our lives.

bill theunfetteredpreacher cote

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