That he may establish thee to day : The Fix-it Shop

That he may establish thee to day for a people unto himself, and that he may be unto thee a God


We make things difficult,  the Lord just wants to be our God.  In Mark 5; is the story of the Legion. …Jesus cast  the evil spirits into the swine who then ran into the water and drowned.   The keepers of same ran to tell the story.

The Legion was healed,  in his right mind and listening to Jesus, when people from the town came to see.  In fear they begged Jesus to leave.

Isn’t it funny how when the power of God is manifest, some in fear reject the very thing they need.  When we reject Jesus,  He will leave us alone.  This is the unpardonable sin.

The Legion asked to go with Jesus.   The Lord sent him back to the towns to tell all He knew.  He didn’t know alot of Scripture,  he knew the Author and that is what we must needs know.  The unbelieving had another chance to believe.   (Do you?)

We must share the knowledge of Christ,  how He is real in our lives, how we know Him. 

It is the Spirits job to draw those He has chosen.  We must plant, water or harvest.   We do this by knowing and obeying Him.  Just living in the love, trust and faith we have received.

Lord, help us to lift You up, for all men to see….

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