Gods people: Stiffnecked, Rebellious or ?

In the book of Exodus we find the Lord refers to the Hebrews as Stiffnecked,  this is translated several ways:

Stiffnecked :
impossible to deal with. very stubborn [a stiff-necked people]. oh! what a stubborn, hard-headed people! they are an obstinate people. they are a strong-willed people.  (stiffnecked, obstinate people); unbelievably stubborn.

Sounds like the Church today, the people are ready to split off and go their separate ways because of the color of the carpet, the removal of the back row of seats,  a word spoken in anger or rebuke. …they will not accept correction, chastisement. Refusing to submit themselves to the Word or Will of God.

in Deuteronomy the Lord refers to them as Rebellious and this is translated :

Rebellious :
you have refused to obey the Lord. refused to obey [rebelled against] ” And what did you do? You rebelled. Rebelled against the clear orders of God, your God. Refused to trust him. Wouldn’t obey him. You’ve been rebels against God from the first day I knew you.

I am not a Rebellious Christian but I  am Stiffnecked,   I don’t refuse but I do resist.  I believe and trust; but Lord if you would do it my way, it would be so much (better, eaisier, faster, simpler).   My natural man also fails in the matter of sin.

Romans 7:18-20, 24-25
King James Version (KJV)
” For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.  For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.  Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.”

” O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.”

My natural man, my sinful nature is that of an addict.
Booze, drugs, sex, solt drinks, coffee, tobacco even Jesus.

I don’t do much in moderation.   Before I was saved, it was awful,  since the new birth I am a new man. The battle is won, yet the battle goes on.

If I stay in the Word and Prayer I win the scrimmage, slack off and the old man slips in.  I am the man that hungers and thirsts for righteousness.

Who has a sin that so easily besets me.

Thank you, Jesus that I can confess my sins and You are faithful and just to forgive me.

Thank you Lord that I can boldly come to the Holy of Holies to find Grace and Mercy in my times of trouble.
Lord help me to draw closer to You  daily.

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3 thoughts on “Gods people: Stiffnecked, Rebellious or ?

  1. I am aware now Bill when I get stiff-necked and resist but it doesn’t last long I feel so miserable and knowing that God cares enough for me to correct me makes it easier ….. sometimes. You are right it is a battle every day and I know no good thing comes from me and I am so grateful of His Grace every day. God Bless x

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