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You are probably wondering why I think we should ask for the Word of Wisdom and Word of Knowledge  before asking for the gift of Tongues.

Even knowing the Lord gave Tongues first on the day on Pentecost.  Really? If so, it was because He was dealing with Disciples.


People who had been with Him, studied at His feet, they were Jewish and knew about Ritual Sacrifice and after His death and resurrection, understood.

Paul in 1 Corinthians 12 goes in a completely different order, tells them to desire the best gifts.  He starts with the three listen up gifts.

We first need to learn how to understand what the Lord wants.  A few Old Testament examples  of the Word of Knowledge, then Word of Wisdom :

Adam, you may eat of every tree but that one.
Noah, We are going to destroy the earth and all flesh, build an Ark.
Abram,  go out from Ur, look east, west, north and south, I have given the land to you.

How about a few not written down?
Elijah told Ahab. will not rain till I  tell it to…
Deborah told Barack the Lord wanted him to go and defeat the enimy…
Daniel, the dream the king had.

These are all Old Testament examples of Words of Knowledge.   What is a Word of Wisdom.  That is knowing what to do with the Knowledge.

Adam,  didn’t have the Wisdom to obey God, so death came into the world.
Noah, with the Knowledge to build the Ark, did it and received a Word of Wisdom,  when to enter.
Abram,  every place on which your foot shall tread. ..
Elijah, gave his Word of Knowledge, than The Lord spoke a word of Wisdom, “You better go hide”.

Unspoken :
Deborah,  How the Lord would cause a women to get the credit for the victory.
Daniel,  What the dream meant and how to prepare for the coming  Climate Change.


Don’t know about that?  It seems to me the Bible is our guide book to life.  Doesn’t it stand to reason He would be directing whosoever will, by all His Word.

We too easily say: “That’s a God thing”.  Remember when Jesus was on earth, He was just a man tempted every way as we are.

The Power He displayed came from the Father, through the Holy Spirit into and out of Jesus.   He told us to go and do the same.

If you will look up these examples and ask the Lord to show you, the Revelation is there, waiting for us to act on it.

Lord open our eyes, that we might understand and go forward to do Your Will in Your Power and Might.  The Gift of Faith is next.

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Enoch, Noah and Levi: 3 unique men:

How are these men different from you and I?

Enoch: His name means dedicated; disciplined, we know he was the 7th from Adam and is still alive today in bodily form in heaven.  He had this testimony:

Enoch walked with God and was not, because God took him.  Enoch believed God is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.   Enoch pleased God and preached of the second coming of Christ.

Then we have Noah as a type of Him who is the true “rest and comfort” of menWe know this about Noah.

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord,  He was just and perfect in his generation.   Noah walked with God.   In reverential fear,  he build an ark for the saving of his family from the comming flood and became the heir of righteousness. Noah bore constant testimony against the unbelief and wickedness of that generation. (1 Pet. 3:18-20; 2 Pet. 2:5).

Enoch and Noah were the only two that Moses stated, by name, who walked with God in the Old Testament.

They walked with God and the “Spirit of God” was upon them, a Spirit of wisdom, understanding, Knowledge, skill and prophesy.  (see Exodus 31).

When we look at other great Old Testament men we find warriors. with the “Spirit of the Lord”. (First found in Judges 3:10).   A Spirit of righteousness and justice, wisdom in war.

These men walked before the Lord, not with. Abraham and David both walked before the Lord,  not with God. (See The Trinity in the Old Testament).

Abraham was told by the Lord to walk before me and be and  be thou perfect.  The Lord speaking to Solomon said: And if thou wilt walk before me, as David thy father walked, in integrity of heart, and in uprightness,”

How about Levi?  The origin of the name is found in Leah’s words at his birth, “This time will my husband be joined unto me.”   He is mentioned as taking a prominent part in avenging his sister  Dinah who was kidnapped and raped.  His only recorded words were:   Should he deal with our sister as with an harlot?

Take note that the Lord choose the Levites, to became His Ministers and Priest’s.  They were warriors,  who did what was right, without question or hesitation.   Their job was to bring people the knowledge of God, protect that Gospel and the church (Gods people), from any strangers. (See The Stranger that draws nigh).

Moses was a Levite who following his ancestors example,  took revenge on an Egyptian for killing a Hebrew.  Hid in the desert 40 years,  till the Lord burnt the bush and called him to service.

Than we have the Levites,  comming to the Lords side and killing the Hebrews who rebelled and Worshipped  the golden calf.

Phinious,  who chased and killed the man and woman in sin and stoped the plague among the people.

This is what the Lord has to say about Levi in Malachi:
” Levi, saith the Lord of hosts.   My covenant was with him of life and peace; and I gave them to him for the fear wherewith he feared me, and was afraid before my name.  The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity.”

This is important today because we Christians are the ministers and Priest’s of God. ….We must learn from the examples of those who walked in our shoes.  We are the Ministers and Priest’s of the Lord today.

We must have the reverential fear of the Lord so we are obedient in building an ark or protecting the Gospel.  (making sure we are preaching Christ crucified).  The love and Salvation of God.

Be dedicated and disciplined, to Gods word.  We must walk with God in wisdom, understanding, Knowledge, skill and with words of prophecy.

We must also walk with the Lord in peace and equity
( fairness or justice in the way people are treated).
Speaking the truth in love, turning many from sin and death.

Moses told us of Enoch and Noah walking with God,  it was the Lord, Himself that told us “Levi walked with Me”

Lord help me to walk in perfect peace,  (my mind upon you), treat all I meet fairly, justly,  my life leading people to You.

Help on me to be dedicated and disciplined in the study and sharing of Your Word.

May I understand and display a reverential fear and be obedient to Your will and ways.

Make me a useful vessel.

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