The Power of the least: theunfetteredpreacher

A tale of three servants: 2 Kings 5

The first:

A captive, a slave from the land of Israel. Her master (Naaman), was a great man, honorable, a man of valor, but afflicted with leprosy.

She told her mistress that the Prophet of God, Elisha could heal her husband.

The second:

Elisha had told Naaman to go wash in the Jorden 7 times to be healed. Naaman was upset, his servant said: ‘If he had asked you to do some great thing, you would. Why not this lesser task?’

He did and was cleansed.

The third:

Naaman offered Elisha, payment, and was refused. Gehazi, Elisha’s servant chased after him and asked for payment.

When he returned to Elisha he received Naaman’s leprosy.

Of the three servants, which are you?

Do you proclaim the Lord’s power and grace?

Do you humble yourself to obey the Lord?

Do you secretly desire to receive physical rewards?

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