“They were entrusted with the oracles of God.” theunfetteredpreacher

Romans 3:1-2

“Then what advantage does the Jew have? Or what is the profit of circumcision?

Much in every way! Because first of all, they were entrusted with the oracles of God.”

This scripture talks about the advantages of being Jewish, the profit of circumcision. Why were they so blessed?

Because the Lord had entrusted them with His WORD.

Times have changed, it is no longer only the Jews that have His Word, we Christians have been grafted into the family.

We have received a new name, our hearts have been circumcised, our minds have been renewed. We are holy, blameless in the beloved, set apart for His service.

Since we have been given His Word, it is incumbent for us to learn to live it. It is the knowing, and hearing as well as praying of the Word that increases our Faith.

The Lord has entrusted His Power and Love to us, in the form of His Word. It was the Word spoken, that caused the world and all that is to appear.

We must believe and confess for salvation and to experience the healing and miracle power of God. Only Believe, all things are possible to those who believe.

The question is, do we know what we believe? We would if we knew His Word.

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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