The Best Car I Ever Owned: theunfetteredpreacher

When I was about 12, my Dad ended up with a Metropolitan, a junker, I think it was a convertible. My friends and I drove that car all over my Dad’s Fix-it Shop yard.

Teaching one friend to drive, he nicked the door of a customer’s car, a Corvette. That was not a pleasant time, for Dad, the customer, or us.

One other time, my brother-in-law, at that time, lived on the 3rd floor of the apartment house next door. He dropped down to us kids, a stack of older Playboy magazines.

A glimpse of heaven for horny young guys, and also a slice of Hell. (Young people do not need access to this stuff).

I also remember, (someone, me? I don’t know), running into the corner of that building.

I don’t remember what happened to that car. It was one of many I drove around the garage yard.

A few years later, a few of us were at a fast food place, in Fitchburg, I think. We had drivers licenses then, and when we walked out of the store, there was a Metropolitan.

I boldly walked up to the lady who was in it, and told her if she ever wanted to sell it? I wanted it. I gave her my number and promptly forgot it.

Some months later I received a call, and an offer to buy the car for One Dollar. I jumped on it. What a wonderful lady she was.

I really loved that little car. It was perfect for me. Unusual, strange, and silly. It was great. Bringing it home the first time, we had borrowed one of Dad’s used cars with a repair plate, and a second repair plate for the Metropolitan.

We were stopped on Rt 2, (I think?), for driving too slow, and ‘were we going to get these cars repaired?’ Thank God we answered yes.

We were told to speed up or get off the highway.

Unfortunately, when I broke this car, by turning onto a sidewalk and pulling the steering box from the frame. It was a problem that couldn’t be repaired.

I have very fond memories of that car and the special girl who rode in it with me. I believe my life would have been very different if I could have kept that car on the road.

I wish I could get another deal like that.

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