Am I truly my Fathers Son? theunfetteredpreacher

As I think back to my youth, I realize both Dad and David could and would fix about anything. I remember so many toys, bicycles, machines, cars, and even carpentry or electrical problems they solved.

The fix usually wasn’t pretty, but it worked and held strong. I wasn’t cognizant of the skill and talent involved in their work and play.

Even when they weren’t working, they were productive and worked to make their and others’ lives better.

When Celeste’s toys broke, I tried to fix them, but was never able to pull off the job. So disappointed in myself. Just the other day, our old car, a 98 Civic started overheating.

I looked to remove the thermostat from the topwater hose. No thermostat, it ended up being near the bottom of the engine.

I found two bolts that connected the radiator hose to the motor. The bolts were tight, I had to break them loose to remove them.

I could not get the hose and holder off. I checked and couldn’t find any other bolt so I took a two by four and a hammer to it.

You guessed it. The piece broke off on the engine side. Time for a new car. Disappointment, recrimination, self-flagellation.

That’s life. I should be used to it. It is times like these that I miss my family most. Not just their ability to repair things, but the love that was behind their efforts.

I wish I was more like them.

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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