What are your plans? theunfetteredpreacher

When children, we are constantly asked; ‘What do you want to be, when you grow up?’ Fireman, Policeman, Spaceman are probably at the top of our lists. I don’t guess many of us dream of being garbage men, pool boys, or ditch diggers.

We are encouraged to go to college, study hard, become a Doctor or lawyer. We should be encouraging our children to become welders, truck drivers, electricians, auto mechanics. Good honest work, with decent pay and hours.

How many of us listen to and adhere to this advice? I didn’t, I was determined to be rich and famous, (until I realized that would take knowledge and hard work). Then I decided I could just coast and see what would happen. (Not much, and none of it good).

It took quite a while to settle into life as a productive, functioning adult. (Not sure I am there yet. lol)

The point is we really should have a plan. ‘A MAN PLAN.’

The great thing about a man plan is: It can change as circumstances change. We can decide when, where and how to perform it. We decide if it has been successful.

A man plan is a good thing, but following God’s plan is better. We don’t like this, we have no control we walk and wait by Faith.

We cannot control the timing, the outcome, or receive the praise when it is complete. Lord please help me to work Your plan, instead of mine.

Use me, Lord, that You be Glorified, Magnified, Exalted above all.

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