I heard, but I understood not:  theunfetteredpreacher

The words of Danial, (12:8), when told of the end times.

I heard, but I understood not:

My entire life, I have heard what I must/should/or never do and understood not. I have merrily gone my way, never considering the consequences of my actions or lack thereof.

I heard, but I understood not:

They are my words, as I walk with God. I read and hear the word of God, yet I understand not. The Church in no way resembles the First Century Christians.

Why is this?

Somehow we have lost sight of the size and power of the Almighty. In our life, God no longer IS. Now, He is a once was, a has-been, no longer able to work through His people to heal the sick, raise the dead, and comfort the brokenhearted.

The first-century Christians knew Jesus as a man that God was with, that God empowered to do His work. We need to realize He was a man, filled with the Holy Spirit, to become our perfect sacrifice, for a Holy God.

He gave us the Holy Spirit. The Spirit supplies the tools and power to build His Church. We have left them on the shelf, never to be examined, tested and or mastered.

These are the Talents left to His Servants, to be profited from, not buried, unused, still in the wrapping paper they were in when we received them.

We have heard, but understood not:

So we stumble along, occasionally finding a soul ripe for the harvest. When the Lord expects us to be witnesses and fully preach the Gospel, with signs and wonders following.

I will not be content, until the Lord has made me a vessel of His Power and Love. How about you?

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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