Is the Church dying? theunfetteredpreacher

Is the Church dying? It seems to be so. Why? Too many of them are closed (isolated), systems.

The Baptists only listen to and learn from other Baptists. Methodists with Methodists, etc…

We stay within our Denominations and Doctrines.


Or worse, the only teaching our Church receives is from it’s Pastor. (No guest speakers, teachers, other voices).

This is somewhat understandable.

Our Pastors are mandated, by God to lead and grow the flock. It is an awesome responsibility. They must guard against error.

Unfortunately, that can squelch growth in the knowledge of, and the working of, the Spirit.

A healthy Church is one that is growing in Wisdom and Knowledge, always moving closer to Godly principles, desires and Gods power.

(Sorry, Jesus healed all that were afflicted, multitudes flocked to Him, is He present in your services? Are people yearning to learn? Is the Holy Spirit changing lives?)

If your Church isn’t growing, the people are not receiving the food, needed for growth.

Is your church an isolated system?

“The internal energy of an isolated system stays constant. The entropy of an isolated system tends to increase.”. (Someone smarter than me, said this).

If we don’t allow new Biblical revelation to be explored if all we can share is: “This is what I’ve been taught, and by God, that’s all there is. This is all we need.”

We are starving ourselves, and our flocks, we are not allowing the Holy Spirit freedom to lead.

Sadly, the church is not receiving the meat of the word. We must always seek more of God and expect His Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth.

Luther, the Wesley’s, Billy Graham, like the Pope, did not and do not have all spiritual knowledge.

We all see through a glass darkly, only the Holy Spirit can open our eyes to the truth and then, only when we allow the light of truth into our lives.

We need to constantly challenge our faith, grow in our faith, allow other points of view, into our Churches, ask the hard questions of our Pastors, teachers, always comparing what we hear, to the Word, to see if it is true.

It is our responsibility to study to show ourselves approved unto God, rightly dividing the Word of truth.

Saints, a closed system is a stagnant system. It is impossible to grow and flourish. We as individuals, need to go to Church to grow, our Churches need to be open to Biblical Revelation for growth.

Our Church needs to be an open system, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth.

Lord, open the eyes of our hearts. Amen

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