Are You A Serious Believer? theunfetteredpreacher

What am I asking?

Are you serious, do you believe Jesus Christ died for you? That His Word Is Truth? That the Word of God is the Owners Manual for our Faith, our life?

When you buy, begin to use, or put together a new Purchase, do you read the directions? I believe most of us may glace at the instructions, but that is all we think we need. We end up with extra screws or nuts, or something that doesn’t look like the picture or work as promised.

Saints if we do not follow the Owners Manual, our Faith does not look or work like the Faith the Manual promises. If we rely on what we have been told or taught, without looking ourselves to see if this be true, we are missing the mark. (2 Timothy 2:15; Acts 17:11; Romans 12:2)

I am not thinking, saying or believing, that our, Evangelical Churches lead us in any direction but the Truth as they know it. If they are Preaching Jesus is the only way to Salvation, I am happy to fellowship with them.

My only concern is that the Bible has so much more we need to know, believe and act on, for our Faith to Grow to be Established and Profitable to the Kingdom.

The Bible tells us How To; Build His Church. If we would study the Prayers of Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John, we would discover they prayed for others, for Spiritual Eyes and Ears to be opened. That those who are persecuted can be lifted and blessed in the midst of trials.

Is our Church as healthy as the Church described in the book of Acts? Are multitudes streaming in to hear and be changed by the Word of God? Can the World as well as the Lord, See Your Faith?

If not, Please read and believe the Owners Manual. Return to your First Love, by studying the Auther and Finisher of your Faith.

What the Bible States as Truth, should be what we see in our lives.

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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