The Invasion of the Sisters 2: theunfetteredpreacher

Since the discovery of Bette’s bone cancer, (at the end of June, 2018), we have been surrounded with abundant love and support from her family. Her NC sister, Donna, has spent more time taking care of us, then at home, with her own family.

Her sister Eunice and husband Roger, drove from MN. to care for us as I was recuperating, from both, the hospital and rehab, and Bette was Starting Chemo. I do not know how we could of managed without them.

Eunice flew back with sister Mavis to be here for another extended stay, and they made sure both Bette and I were experiencing God’s love and care.

Her sister Janet from MN, and her daughter, from Colorado, Karmen, (and her husband Pete, and young boys, Conner and Colin), came to help and support us also.

They must have cleaned, sorted and organized every closet and cubby hole in the house. The food they cooked was wonderful, they filled our home with prayers and joy unspeakable and full of Glory.

In January , we look forward to Corrine and Roger coming for an extended stay. Bette’s family, all know and love the Lord. They are blessings that cannot be counted.

The start of the Journey. The Sisters of God’s Love and Care.

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