If the foundations be destroyed; theunfetteredpreacher

Psalm 11:3

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

There was a meme on FB, claiming Trump said he would run as a Republican, because they are all dummies, and would vote for him.

This of course is Fake News item, (see snopes), I left a comment that we dummies were pretty happy at the results he has given us.

I was told I was uninformed, or misinformed. I pointed out that Conservatives could not help but to hear the Liberal news, and that if they wanted to know the truth, they needed to find a Conservative or Christian News source. lol….

Nope, that is not going to happen. The left is doing it’s best, to destroy the Foundational Principles of our Country.

As Christians, there is nothing we can watch on Main Stream TV or News. Don’t even talk about cable. (We pick and choose from Netfixs), Every show has to have it’s quota of Gays or Trans… If there happens to be, a Christian portrayed on the shows, they are usually terrible, hateful people.. All the Law and no Love.

In the political world, Christian businesses, are forced to support things, that are against their Faith, by making Cakes to celibate Gay Marriage, to pay for birth control, we must embrace people who claim they are not the Sex they were born to. We are to accept and praise, them in their delusions.

We have come to a point where we must obey God, not man.

Not long ago a state (wish I could remember which), wanted all the Church Pastors, to send in their Sermons, to make sure they were PC.

We are no longer innocent, if we are accused by a woman, of sexual misconduct, or of hate crimes because we believe and quote the Bible.

We spent 8 years watching our Country, as it was deliberately torn apart, the police and military attacked, the races encouraged to be rebellious.

Home grown Terrorists BLM, ANTIFA, and Never Trumpers, told to get in the face of Conservatives or our Representatives of both houses, in Congress. To be rude, or to physically attack those who disagree with the Democrats Godless policies or programs, that this makes them Patriots.

It does not.

We are so devided now, with the Left turning to Socialism, the Right loving Free Enterprise. Our Schools are turning our children into America hating clowns, who can no longer listen to or agree that others may have differing opinions.

What can the Righteous to do?

We can only Stand Fast in our Faith. Fast and Pray for Godly Leadership, from our local School board to the President. It is a shame, that even a Choir Boy or a Boy Scout, can expect to be torn apart along with his family, if he dares to run for public office.

That is the message of the Left. How sad is that?

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