So Long Florence , so long: theunfetteredpreacher

The Storm is turning and churning, arriving in NC. No longer a 4 or 5, but a 2. Water surge is what we are concerned about now. (9/13/18) Power out at 2:30 pm.

9/18/18 Power on at 10:53 am.

During the storm, Windy Trail was a river, the man across the street and one from the corner, saved us from a flood.

I saw him (from across the street, not a young man), outside in the pouring rain, working, shoving the handle of a rake into the sewer drain. I thought, ‘All he is doing is opening it up so it will back up, onto our street.’

A few hours later the road was just wet, not flooded.

An other couple hours pass and the river is back, the man, from the corner, and his sons, were opening the drains again. When the rain finally became just a trickle, the water receded.

We were much more concerned about the back of the house getting wet. (During long rains, water stands just below our doors), but it never rose. (God always has a twist or turn for us to marvel at).

Our trees and fence did not fare as well. We also lost shingles from the roof. We had a time in the hot and dark. Our neighbors think we are old buzybodies. (We either sit out front or back, where it is cooler).

We have some new neighbors who put on quite a show… Yelling, Roaring off in a truck. Police came to visit them twice. The truck and driver have not returned.

From the Front:


Now The Son and the sun are shining, power on, phone and internet spotty. It is easy to think the world is back to normal. It isn’t, the worst is still to come for many. The floods are, and will be killers.

I pray safety and comfort for all that are effected.

We have received texts from Celeste, they are fine, roof leaked and ceiling in living room collapsed . Still no way in or out of Wilmington. I believe she goes back to work at noon tomorrow.

That is all for now, eccept to thank the Lord and all who prayed, that we and those we love, are alive and well in Newport,NC.

Thanks for visiting,
Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God.
I desire a more intimate one.

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