Hello Florence : theunfetteredpreacher

We live on the Crystal Coast of NC,, our daughter lives in the Cape Fear area, (in Wilmington, NC).

We Have lived in the area since 1985, and we saw many Hurricanes in the late 80’s. We left and went inland for some, the last time we left, we went to Goldsboro and had a foot of water in my sister- in- laws yard.

We had an extremely dangerous trip back to Morehead City, (driving thru moving water, on flooded roads), only to find, not a branch down and no power outage at home.

We now will either be geniuses or idiots, if we stay or leave. My daughter Celeste, remembers the drive home, through the flood and has decided to stay in her apartment. I believe we will be staying at home.

I am asking for your prayers, that both we and Celeste are geniuses,for our decision. Our men’s group met this am, and agreed to pray for our loved ones and all others will be safe, with a minimum of property damage, at 8 pm today.

We certainly covert your prayers also.

God Bless.

Thanks for visiting,

Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God

. I desire a more intimate one

bill theunfetteredpreacher

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