Tales of my Father 9:  theunfetteredpreacher 

This tale involves myself and a few friends.   I wonder if they will chime in and reveal who they are.

I learned to drive around age 12, Dad would let me drive cars and trucks, into and out of the work bays, so they could be repaired.

He also gave me old wrecks to drive in the garage yard, mostly after hours.

My favorite car, even to this day, is a Metropolitan…  only manufacturered for a few years in the fifties.

I and several friends had a ball driving that little car.   At one time, someone who lived on the third floor of the apartment house on the corner.

Threw down a stack of Playboy magazines, WOW, at 13, that was a major find….  No wonder I am so screwed up…  lol

During business hours one day, I decided to teach a friend how to drive.  Since it was during working hours, we only had a twenty foot, one lane path to drive on.  (Customer Cars on both sides)

No big deal right?   Just drive straight,  back up straight… no problem.

My friend apparently was more nervous than I thought.

He panicked, hit and put, a good sized indentation in the door of a customers 1963 Corvette.

Dad was furious,  the customer more so… it was a beautiful car.

I don’t believe I gave anymore driving lessons.

More to come, hope you enjoyed.

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