The Importance of being Remembered:  theunfetteredpreacher 

I write this short post, to encourage us to write our memories for sure but what is much more important, is obituaries when people pass on.

When my brother died, we had one in the local MA. Papers.

When my nephew, (Scott Frenette),  Mother, (Dorothy Currier Cote), and Sister (Martha Cote Frenette, Florence), died, I don’t believe we had any, in any papers anywhere.

I have grown to regret these decisions.

We have public records of their births, little information on

their lives…

No record at all of their death, or that their lives meant something to anyone.

It really is like they never existed, other than on the birth certificate.

Friends, that is just too sad.  Everyone touched someone, was loved, is missed.

Please show them the respect, the courtesy of sharing your love, in words.

End of Sermon…. Amen

12 thoughts on “The Importance of being Remembered:  theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. So true what you say here. Everybody should be regarded important enough to have something saved about them for the next generation to know about them. I am thinking of people who immigrated from Denmark and never left a letter or a memoir about their new life and many others who stayed in their country and never left anything either. I find old photos from the family and then just write the little I know and add a few new things I discover while looking at dates on photos, old letters and postcards. It becomes a small story when put together.


  2. Good post Bill. Time to start doing some bone digging. There should be a death certificate available that will tell cause of death. I’ve found both paternal and maternal families back 5 generations. Start asking all family and friends stories they can remember about each one who has passed. Record their stories. Start collecting anything you can. Search old school annual. Family Bibles. My brother sent me a lock of my hair from when I was one year old. It came out of my grandmothers family Bible. Three words here: ask, ask, ask! Oh and please continue writing your own memories, I really enjoy them😄


  3. i found your writing about the families passing’s to be very true. Life is so short , as the saying says. People never seem to get done all they plan to do in their life. They seem to put things off till they have the money for it, they have the time to get it done, after they have get more settled and the excuses seem to be endless, or they die. My husband was the smart one who told me, we are not going to wait, we had our dream house built and did everything we wanted while he was alive so we could enjoy it. If we had waited, he would not be here today to enjoy it, and 18 years ago this month I chose to write his obituary in 2 newspapers, as broke as I was, because he was imprtant enough that everyone should know he had passed away and think of him and remember him in some way. I know I will never forget him or who he helped me become and the strength he gave me to carry on without him.


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