the unbelieving Jews: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

“the unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles, and made their minds evil affected against the brethren.” Acts 14:2

Do we see this scripture played out daily in our churches?   I think so. 

It reminds me of the Man of God in 1st Kings 13.


Told to go to King Jeroboam and give a prophesy against him.  The alter of the Lord would be misused and broken in two. 

The King reached for the Man of God  and his hand was Crippled up.

He asked to be healed, and God used the Man of God to heal him.

The Man of God, was to leave, by a different way, without partaking in any food or drink.  He successfully left the King but ran into problems when he met an old prophet.

The prophets sons had heard about the encounter and told the prophet.  The old prophet sent his sons to bring the Man of God to his home.  Told him, “God said he was to eat.”

The Man of God ate.

So here we are today,  we have a Man of God,  he could be the Pastor or anyone in the congregation that is on fire for the Lord.

The work of God is happening,  peoples hearts are warmed, their minds opened, the Word of God is flowing. 

The broken hearted are comforted, families are bringing their sick to be healed,  those hungry for the Truth are lined up  to hear.

Then the old prophet gets wind of it.  Now the old prophet, in this case, could be the Pastor, an elder, or a respected member of the congregation.  (My money is on a big giver, “the” mover and shaker in the church ).

He just has to talk to the Man of God, needs to hear first hand what God is doing.

Now this can play out several ways:
   ~  the Man of God can be incouraged:
In which case the old prophet will talk secretly  against him until his ministry and confidence are destroyed.
   ~   the Man of God can be outright  rejected, told he was missing the mark, had not understood   God:
In which case the Man of Gods confidence and ministry is destroyed.
   ~   the Man of God is supported and the Work of the Lord increases exponentially.
In which case the story is probably fiction.

In 1st Kings 13, as soon as the Man of God ate, the old prophet, spoke the Word of God and told the Man of God,  “he will die”, because he disobeyed the order of God.

It didn’t matter that the reason he disobeyed was because the old prophet lied,

The Man of God died.  

In todays world, the Work of God stops, no one is comforted, healed and no one comes to hear the Word.  It is just hot air, the Spirit of God has left the building.

Acts 14 is a little different.

The Men of God were Paul and Barnabas.   Full of the Holy Ghost and Power.

They could not be discouraged,  the Ministry could not be destroyed.   Paul and Barnabas were not just on fire for God but more importantly  they were OBEDIENT TO GOD.

If we are called to be Men of God, we must know and do, certain things to be successful. (Unfortunately, I have missed the mark).

    》We must know our calling, and how it lines up with God’s Word.
    》We must not let anyone turn us from the specific plans of God.
    》We must act upon and speak the contents of this plan.
    《 Do not let the old prophets change your course, question your calling or quiet your voice.


               (The results of my on fire calling )

Lord, please help us to know and be obedient to Your will and ways, please confirm Your Word with signs following,  may hearts be comforted,  the sick healed, those that hunger and thirst, filled and satisfied.


May the Peace that passes understanding fill our hearts and minds as we go forward to do Your bidding.   Thank You Lord for Your Holy Spirit.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon.
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote
know you are loved

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