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they became fools,

Is it hate to disagree with and protest the direction and moral decline of our country.  No;  but the left will claim we are hate filled because we agree with the Word of God.

It is foolish to think this country can continue to be blessed by God when we accept sin as normal. 

As a Christian,  I call for all who love God, to stand fast, act like a man and stand against a government that doesn’t act in the best interest of her people.

Pray for Godly leaders, who are not afraid to stand for the truth.  Who will fight for that we hold dear. 

” Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”

We have fools in places of power. ….God save us.

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The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote.
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3 thoughts on “Professing themselves to be wise – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  1. I really like like and relate to this because I believe that our government does NOT act in the best interest of its people. I am handicapped and it seems that the cut backs are all in the area of handicapp, elderly,mental health, school prgrams that are needed for children, such as after school programs……


    • Wendy,
      It is the job of friends and family to help those in need, or the church as a body, if need be. The job of government is to protect our borders and our people from attack, whether foreign or domestic;

      To help business to succeed so workers have the financial ability to support themselves and help others. Before WWII, a man could work and do all these things. Now because of taxes, regulations and the interference of government, a family needs two working adults to get by.

      The Church should be caring for the widows and orphans, the Church is believers, not the building. I do agree with the government providing a safety net but it is up to individuals to help those in need.

      I love you and pray for the help and comfort you need. Lord Jesus, please touch Wendy, bless her as she sees you supply all her needs according to Your riches in glory, You are my shepherd, please become hers so she would not be in want. Help her to come to the saving knowledge of Christ.


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