through them I may prove Israel, – The Fix-it Shop


As Christians, how many times have we heard….God wouldn’t do that.  How could a loving God let that happen.   

The Lord allows and even has caused bad things to happen to good people.

We like to think God is love… can He allow this pain in my life, or my wife, or child.  Please realize Jesus came to save us from the law of sin and death.   He is our Salvation,  our Peace our Hope.

God is a Righteous, Holy, Perfect God.   Wherever these problems and pain came from,  they afflict all to see who will turn to the Lord.   We must seek the Eternal.  Set our faces like flint towards the Lord.

Read Judges 2….understand who the Lord is and what He desires….that has not changed.   He just gave us Jesus and the way to pleasing Him.  “To obey, is better than sacrifice. “

Love the Lord, ask for the Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge to walk in His ways.

Know this:  “You are loved. “

Accept His Grace….it is sufficient.

Thanks for visiting, blessings;
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote.

2 thoughts on “through them I may prove Israel, – The Fix-it Shop

  1. this was beautiful, i had to ask myself just the same thing a short time ago this week, and then realized that the LORD does not give us more than we can handle, it is how we handle things that make us stronger and we learn from it, thank u for this…

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