Why Mother Goose – The Filling Station


Mother Goose :

Have you ever wondered why the Goose got the title Mother Goose?

When we moved into our home 10 years ago, the small ponds at the entrance to our development had about 20 ducks and 5 geese.

Soon there were 2 baby geese, we would see them wondering around much like the picture above.

Then one of the babies was gone.  (?).

Things changed :

The only time we saw the remaining baby he was surrounded by adult geese.  The formed a protective circle around him, wherever he went.

The Grimm brothers must have seen this. (If it was them that named her?).

It reminds me of the Levites, wondering in the desert all those years.  Their job was to protect the Tabernacle from any strangers.  

With orders to kill any strangers that approached the holy thing.

We today should be protecting the Word in our hearts.  Knowing, loving and hiding it…sharing it….not allowing anything to degrade or destroy what we love.

Knowing it well enough to say thus saith the Lord…

Recognizing the truth.  Rebuking the lies.  The Word is.

Lord help us to know, believe and share the truth of Your Gospel.   May others come to love you through our witness.

bill theunfetteredpreacher cote

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