Your Bible of Choice:

As Christians, we all read the same Bible. Whether it’s KJV, NIV, or any number of other translations, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I am curious about Your Personal Bible. I have heard that Thomas Jefferson cut out the parts of the Bible he didn’t accept, and lived by the parts he believed.

We may not go to that extreme but, we all do much the same. Denominational Differences. Every tribe has core values that differ from the church that came before. Catholic to Lutheran to Baptist, Methodist to Pentecostal. They agree on the basics, Virgin birth, death resurrection, salvation.

Then the differences begin to appear. Born Again, just believe and confess, Baptisms, water and Spirit, Gifts, and rituals.

Our Church does it correctly, we wonder if you other guys are even saved?

We all believe in and on Jesus as Lord and Savior, where do we run into problems? We don’t really believe what Jesus promised. Why are we so hard-headed?

Open our eyes, Lord. Help us to understand that which is important and to know what isn’t.

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Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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