Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding: theunfetteredpreacher

In The Old Testament we had the “Spirit of God.” He covered the earth, the “Spirit of God,” was with Joseph, to interpret dreams, to give the Wisdom, that saved Egypt and the Hebrews from the 7-year drought.

Joseph was made second only to the Pharoah, in power and stature in the land.

Latter we find the Lord giving the “Spirit of God, ” to build The Tabernacle in the desert. That “Spirit,” is still given today. To empower us to build His Kingdom, His Church.

It is a “Spirit” of Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge in all manner of workmanship.

It is a Spirit that empowers Prophets, Teachers, Leaders. It fills us with His Word and Power to share the Gospel. It is the Spirit, Jesus promised to those who believe.

The “Spirit of God ” the “Holy Spirit, and the Holy Ghost” are all interchangeable names of the Comforter, the One who teaches and leads us to all truth, and gives us Wisdom, in the New Testament.

This Spirit, throughout the Bible, has caused the barren to give birth. Gives Words of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Prophecy to those who have open hearts and minds to the will of God.

Jesus Baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire.

People are filled with the Holy Ghost, while we are only given a measure of Faith. The measure to believe, if we will.

We must build up our Faith, but the Lord fills us with His Holy Spirit and Power, to share His Word, Heal the Sick, Reveal His Will, Comfort the Brokenhearted, Touch the hearts and minds of those in need.

If we allow Him, He will give us a prayer language. A language we do not understand, our Spirit speaks directly to the Spirit of God.

The Perfect Prayer.

The Gifts of the Spirit are available to whosoever will, the problem is so many won’t.

We seem to think, the Lord forces the Gifts upon those who have them. When the reality is, we must seek them, ask for them, learn to use them, to multiply them.

The Lord would have us be Powerful, Bold, Strong in the Lord. By the Power of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit leads us to all truth, fills us with the power to do the will of God, leads us to the peace that passes understanding.

We can deny and reject Christ. This grieves the Holy Spirit when we deny the Holy Spirit we are walking in a dark and dangerous place.

There is nowhere to hide when we deny the Holy Spirits, call, and Presence in our lives.

We really should seek Him, recognize Him, invite Him to lead and guide us in our walk with the Lord.

When we take the Yoke of Jesus as our own, we will experience signs and wonders following. We will experience the Lord as our Shepherd, we shall not want.

He will supply all our needs in the riches and glory of Christ Jesus.

Is that not what we want? It is what I long for. Amen

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Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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