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If God gave me the Gifts of Healing or Working of Miracles, I would go to the hospital and heal everyone.”

Have you heard those who aren’t Spirit-Filled say they would do this? While complaining about Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, or any other Man of Faith?

Yes, I said any Man of Faith. Why? Paul tells us how to fully preach the Gospel, and truthfully most of us are missing the mark.

Paul fully preached the Gospel with Mighty Signs and Wonders, by the POWER OF GOD. (Romans 15:19)

To be realistic we all are not going to have these gifts. Many men of Faith are Evangelists, Givers, Administrators, Helpers, or have some of the other Gifts.

The problem I see is most of these gifts can be confused with and performed with man’s ability. We all can all give, teach, lead, follow, do many acts of kindness.

You must have True Biblical Faith to walk in the Power Gifts. The difference lies in our desire to let God have us completely.

Think before you claim to have done that.

Is there a Giant in your life? (A sin, habit, something you refuse to leave or give to God)? I know in my life I have to continually ask for relief, forgiveness or mercy, and grace.

Now back to healing all the sick in the hospitals.

Did Jesus heal all those at the Pool of Bethesda? Or every Leper or the blind man he saw? No!

He healed all who came to those, who sought Him, and had the faith to believe.

He traveled, not to the leper colonies, but to the cities and towns, He made Himself available to those who desired Him.

Quit complaining about Ministers with private jets, (mansions I’m with you), but a nice home and prosperity? Please check out Job, Abraham, David, Solomon.

All incredible men of God. Sinners saved by Grace. Just like you and me.

Jesus healed all who touched Him, and those His Faithful prayed for. It’s more about who and what we do when we are empowered with His Gifts.

Covet Earnestly the Best Gifts. What are they? The ones you need right now.

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Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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7 thoughts on “Healing Gifts: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. Ministers with private jets etc. strike me as wolves fleecing the flock! We can’t serve both God and money. We aren’t to desire to be rich. The love of money is a good of all kinds of evil. And Jesus even pronounced woe upon the rich!


    • Jesus did not walk everywhere, he used available boats, livestock whatever He needed. It was the love of money, not the use of what one has been blessed with.
      Woe upon Abraham, Solomon etc?
      Really our jealousy of what God has given to others needs to be repented of.
      We have no idea what time and study these men have endured to be used of God like they are.
      Please watch this blog. Tomorrow I will be explaining how Paul after 2 letters to the Corinthians, asked why don’t you believe I am speaking for God?
      The answer will surprise you. It’s in his letter.


      • I’m not jealous, I was just referencing the new testament. We take time to study the word not to gain private jets but treasures in heaven. I wouldn’t want a private jet if it was given me, much less the hard earned money of fleeced, falsely taught sheep.


      • Really? If that jet was used so you could bring the word of life to a larger audience, or if you had he Gifts of healing or working of miracles…
        I do not seek jets or mansions or money, but it God trusted me with them, I certainly would use them to the best of my ability.
        People complain about ministries, a wise pastor once told me, consider who you are talking to. Bring the message they can understand.
        One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 41:20. He did the miraculous so people would see, consider, understand and believe that He is God.
        We should pray He would use us for this some reason. With whatever tools we have Faith for.
        He will judge our motives.


      • What does the world see when it sees a preacher with a private jet, who doesn’t want to mix with the unwashed masses in third class. I pray that God would give me what I need, my daily bread, not what the world hankers after. Jesus didn’t even own a donkey or a boat, He had to borrow them!


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