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As I was praying, (ready for sleep), last night, the Lightning Bolt of Revelation entered my heart and mind. I had to immediately put aside thoughts of sleep and check the Word to see if it, (this Revelation), was true?

I realized that the Multitudes found Jesus, wherever He went. In towns, cities, the mountains or by the sea.

Those who sought Him found Him.

When He was in the Synagogues, many of the rulers believed in Him but did not confess Him, so as not to be put out. (John 12:42)

Only in Matthew 4:23 and 9:35, does it mention Jesus healing all the people of all manner of sickness and disease, in towns where He preached in the synagogue.

We do not hear of multitudes flocking to the synagogues.

No the Multitudes where not in the Synagogues, they were about the towns and countrysides. After His death and resurrection, we find that God adds to the Church, (such as should be saved daily). (Acts 2:47)

The difference between the Synagogue and the Church? The Law versus Grace. The reason God is not adding to our Churches daily, is our Rituals and Ceremonies have become a law unto themselves.

Some preach a false love. (No need for holiness or repentance). Others preach the law. (How we are to dress, interact, and behave in our Church)

The Holy Spirit has no part, in either place. Jesus came and died on the cross, not to condemn, but to save the World. (John 3:17)

Jesus told of the people’s sin, but always gave them a way to escape the eternal consequences of that sin. We need to inform them of the truth but emphasize the Gift of God.

We need to allow the Holy Spirit to live and direct our Worship if we are to see the multitudes added to our Church daily.

Man’s wisdom says there must be order, and that is true, but we do not need the dressings of our favorite Services. The early Church sang some hymns and taught the Word.

There were no children’s churches, separate Sunday School classes, divisions of any type. A child was asleep, fell and died as Paul preached. With the Gift of Faith, Paul brought him back to life.

Our children need to see adults, pray, worship, believe and act out the Gospel. The miracles of both Testaments should be shared and expected to occur today as Christ meets the needs of His people.

These are not stories to entertain our children, but reminders from God to build our Faith, to accomplish His Work.

We should study the first-century church, and attempt to embrace their Wisdom. As we SEEK HIM, HE WILL BE FOUND.

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