The Miracles in Mark: Chapter 1: theunfetteredpreacher

The Miracles that Mark recorded in Chapter 1 of his Gospel are interesting. Jesus had just finished His 40 days of fasting and of temptation.

He called Simon and Andrew, James and John to follow Him, and become fishers of men. On the Sabbath He entered a Synagogue, (where surprise), He found a man with an unclean spirit.

Why would an unclean spirit be in church? To cause division and strife, to steal the Love, Joy and Peace of the Holy Spirit. (It doesn’t take a lot to distract us from Worship).

Saints, just because you are in church and worshiping God, does not mean you are free from the temptation of and even the leading of unclean spirits.

We must be aware and guard against the lies of the devil.

These unclean spirits, need to be rebuked and cast out. Then to stay free, we must fill ourselves with the things of God. (Mark 1:23-28; Luke 11:24-26)

Next we find Peters mother is sick of a fever. (Mark 1:30-31). He treated the sick quite differently, then the possesed.

He took her by the hand and lifted her up. She was immediately healed and served them.

When it was dark, they brought the sick and the possessed, and He healed many and cast out many devils. He wanted those who were possessed to hush, because they recognized Him as the Son of God, while He called Himself the Son of Man. (Mark 1:32-34)

Jesus at daybreak went off alone, Peter and the others followed Him and proclaimed: ‘All men seek Him’. It is as true today as then. Many know not what they seek, and look into booze, drugs, sex and rock and roll.

Never finding the Peace that passes understanding.  This is only found in life with Christ.

There then came a leper, seeking healing, knowing Jesus was able, and wondering if He was willing. Jesus touched the untouchable, He was full of compassion, and He healed him. (Mark 1:40-42)

We need to look at the Works of Jesus, and learn to Walk with and do the Work of the Ministry. Only believe, and do His Work. (John 14:12)

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