Imaginating This: theunfetteredpreacher

Have a good time…. A Paul Simon song. I remember it like this.

‘Yesterday it was your birthday, you hung another year on the line. Imaginating this and imaginating that. … Have a good time.’


When I was young a simple bath towel could be Superman’s cape as I flew around the yard and fought bad guys, or the cape of Zorro, helping me battle the corrupt establishment.

Often I was playing alone. Toy soldiers, (little green men), had me captivated for hours. I would also set chairs in a row and pretend they were an airplane or army jeep.

I spent a lot of time Imaginating. (I know it’s not really a word, but I like it). As I got older, things changed.

Playing catch was a major pass time. Often with Susan Navin, a beautiful, smart young lady, who was a much better athlete than I ever would be, and of course multiple hours with Joe Olivari.

He was also a much better athlete than I. We spent many enjoyable hours, throwing a baseball or football.

Mindless activities. Wonderful times.

Music was also a huge part of my life. Bruce Gibbs, I, and a few others spent hours working to be the next rock and roll success. What, you never heard of us? No joy there.

It was after these times that I fell off the rails. It took quite a while to find them again.

As an adult, I have spent much time at the piano, playing old standards, and earning a good part of my living. I never developed beyond basic skills.

I have spent many hours tuning pianos and making a living, enjoyable work. Making music from many neglected instruments.

Just random memories. I hope you have pleasant times you remember also.

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