Seedless: theunfetteredpreacher

In the old days, when a man was a man, we would say he had ‘sand’, or ‘seeds’. It was a good thing, they were brave, proud, honest and reliable.

Seeds are, a good thing, we plant our food, with seeds, we watered, weeded, harvested, then ate the food, removing the seeds as we ate. (Full circle)

We sowed the seeds of the Gospel, our Words, or Testimony are the seeds we are given to build the Church.

Now we are not so fond of seeds. We have grown to love, seedless watermelons and grapes, headless shrimp, lazy lobster, boneless ribs, and shelled crabs. Mmm, mmm good. (Almost as good as pb&j).

It’s work to deal with seeds, shells, heads, and ribs. We want to be, satisfied, quickly and effortlessly. (Less work, more fun). Who wants to deal with seeds?

At one time, eating in a restaurant was special, costly and a status cymbal. When I was growing up, it was even a special treat to go to the first fast food place in a neighboring town.

By the time my daughter was born, there was fast food on every corner, and eating out was the norm. It has overtaken and changed our culture.

Now the poorer we are, the more we eat out. Cheaply, quickly and constantly. It is quicker and easier to get something already prepared, then assemble the ingredients and do it ourselves.

It’s not just-food. It’s all of our existence. Our microwave lifestyles, always in a hurry. No time to savor and enjoy food, companions, reading, or just peace and quiet.

We need Seeds to reproduce, to continue to grow and survive. With a partial thanks to science we have gone seedless.

Someone, much smarter than I, has figured out how to grow seedless food. Is this good? Convenient absolutely, good? Not so sure.

It’s a conundrum at best, at the worst we now share a seedless Gospel. We are shaping the Gospel to fit today’s culture.

We no longer are set apart from the world, no longer holy, consecrated, a living sacrifice to the Lord. Our minds have not been renewed, we no longer know the acceptable, good or perfect will of God.

Since our laws have now legalized sin, we seem to believe God has changed His requirements. He has not. He wants a Holy people, a people whose light shines in the darkness, a people who lift up the Lord, so all men are drawn to Him.

The Lord gave us the tools to build His Church, we have just allowed them to sit on the shelf unopened.

We no longer preach the full Gospel with signs and wonders following. (Romans 15:19). Our Gospel does not draw the multitudes to Jesus.

There is little power, little witness of God’s Grace in our lives. When John the Baptist doubted that Jesus was the one. His disciples were told to tell him what they saw. People healed, saved, comforted and loved.

Do they experience that at our Church Services?

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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