A Decade of Decision, Destruction: theunfetteredpreacher

A Decade of Decision, Destruction: It was 1966-67, when I went off the rails. I had a license and a car, booze and drugs were easy to acquire, and imbibe. A lot of the next 10 years are lost to blackouts and confusion.

I had a friend, whose mother lived in town, and his dad in upstate NY. Whenever he was around we hung together. His sister was maybe 6 or 8 years older than us and had her own apartment in a nearby town.

My friend’s sister had become one of the Jesus People. The movement was real and many counter-culture people joined the bandwagon. they exchanged the highs of booze and drugs, for Peace and Love of the Holy Ghost.

As baby Christians, they attended all the Crusades available, and some found good Churches, others muddled through on their own. I remember many nights studying Scripture, sitting on this young woman’s bed, while she was in her nightgown, (with her bra and panties).

We were so Spiritual.

I welcomed the Lord into my heart that year, I was 17. I distinctly remember saying, ‘Lord I love you and will serve You every day of my life, BUT, I want to have 10 years of fun first.’

What a stupid declaration, 10 years of hell were soon upon me.

Blackouts became an ongoing ritual, soon grass, speed and occasionally LSD, entered and became my gods. I was destroying my own as well as other peoples lives.

I fell long and hard, and hurt many whom I can never forget or forgive myself for. Yet life, for me, went on. I married, divorced, changed multiple jobs, (some actually good jobs). Then the 10 years were coming to a close. (I needed to change my ways).

I had 7 weeks until my retirement account was vested when I quit and moved to Florida. I found a job selling pianos and organs, was fired, once again hitting the bottom, I found Jesus.

Life was finally looking up.

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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