The Baby with the Bathwater: theunfetteredpreacher

I could not be more different from my Mother and Sister.

I moved out of the house as a teenager, I came back one weekend to find them both in my old closet, throwing away old pictures and love letters from my early teen years.

When my Dad and my brother died, we had to hurry and get rid of their personal stuff, that which reminded us of them. We sent the clothes to charity.

Poof! It’s almost like they never existed.

How am I different? I keep every little thing that brings a smile with the memory. When my Mom died, she left family pictures and all the other stuff that made up her life.

She was 90. I expected Martha to outlive her, so I didn’t rush to pick up family memories.

My error. All the old pictures I the young Bob Cote family and life are gone.

I write this today in hopes that someone may have pictures of Bob’s Fix-it Shop, from before the new expansion. Maybe from the ’50s?

Also of the house and barn that were right at 4 Main Street, before they were torn down, again the 50’s. There was also the little speakeasy from prohibition, that my Dad used as a tire room.

If anyone has old pictures, and can easily find them, I would appreciate the memories.

Thanks so much.


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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.

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