It only took 50 years: theunfetteredpreacher

50 years ago, I was a 16-year-old kid working part-time at a local wooden chair manufacturer. I had just escaped 4 years of working for my Dad as a grease monkey, gas jockey and tire technician.

At the chair factory, I tended machines, (an adult ran them, I took the wood off and stacked it). I also stacked wood in the kiln to dry. Nothing too hard but I guess I was doing ok.

One day the boss brought me down to the paint shop. (In my parents time it had been a dance hall). When we got there, there was a line of chairs stacked four high, from the drying room, (which was full of stacked chairs), into the dance hall to the loading dock.

I was told a truck was on the way, I was to load so many chairs and the boss left.

I soon found out I had trouble keeping the trucker busy. As the truck filled up, he walked less while I was running back and forth to the drying room and pulling stacks of chairs.

All I can say is the truck was finally full, and neither one of us had any idea how many chairs were aboard. We both signed off and left.

The next day, the boss wanted to know how many chairs had been shipped? (Apparently), I had shipped out more than should have gone, and also let the driver take a stack of moving blankets. (Oh Boy).

Surprisingly, the boss said little but never had me load another truck.

Well, he had turned on a switch, and in the middle of the night last night the light bulb turned on.

The boss had left a blueprint. So many chairs in a row, if I had understood and taken the time to count and bring out the rest of the chairs I needed. I would have had the correct amount in place, and a lot less trouble filling the order.

I would have shipped the correct number, with less work.

Why did the light bulb go off now? 50 years too late?

I now teach the Bible. I realize, that we can give out too much information and the whole shipment can be lost.

The Bible is the drying room, it has more product then we need to ship each day. We need to bring out the amount to fill the order and just ship out that portion of the product the Lord would ship, and the truck, (the student), can comfortably accommodate.

Preparation is the key. I have not always, KISS. Clyde our Pastor once told me to remember who I was talking to.

One day, I hope all the lights come on and I become a productive member of the Lord’s Army.

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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