A Second Chance, or Just A Second? theunfetteredpreacher

A few years ago an older friend from church was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had not been sick, or even feeling poorly, but his life changed in a second.

He passed soon after.

Last year, my sweet wife Bette was diagnosed with stage four bone cancer. She had hurt her back she thought from lifting a heavy planter.

Our lives changed in a second.

Thankfully, the chemotherapy has delayed the progress of the disease, and she is doing well.

Last night we received a text from one of her sisters, the youngest of the six (Janet), has had a brain aneurysm, she is in the hospital, the family is gathering and prayer and love is being communicated to the Father.

Many lives, plans, and hopes have changed in a second.

We are praying and planning for a full recovery, for Wisdom and Knowledge for the Doctors, Nurses and others who are caring for her.

Special prayers for Comfort, Peace, and Grace for her daughters, grandchildren and her 5 sisters and their families.

She lives halfway across the country, so our current connection is in the Spiritual Realm. Please pray with us, that this change in a second, becomes a second chance.

I know no other family as full of love and faith as this family.

During our second of change, all the sisters, and some husbands rotated in and out of here to help and love us through. I know Janet will receive the same devotion.

Lord, heal her please.

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Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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