Fellowship with God: Arnold Smith. theunfetteredpreacher

The Lord wants to be in fellowship with us. That’s why He created us. It’s not His fault if we don’t have a close personal relationship with Him. He will draw close to us if we’ll seek Him.
Spending time in His Word is one way we get closer to Him. He reveals Himself through the Bible, His written Word. His will becomes real as we study what He says. One thing He tells us is that praising Him is one other way to.experience His presence. He inhabits the praises of His people. That means we can experience His reality! We no longer have to question His existence once we experience His presence. He leaves no doubt when He manifests Himself. When God spoke to me, an agnostic, I KNEW it was God! And it changed my life! I have my life to Him and became a.minister within 6 months. That was in 1973!
As I served Him, He took care of all my needs. It would take a book to tell all the miracles I’ve experienced over the years.
But the most precious experiences I’ve had is when God Himself touches me. There’s nothing like having God show up! There’s no doubt as to.His love for you either! His presence is so real and close there’s no question about His being with you!!!
Obedience is another way to experience His reality. As we walk in His will, He is pleased with us and.let’s us know it. By His revealing a truth in His Word or giving us special blessings He can let us know He’s giving us favor.
Being in relation with Him is His goal, not keeping all the rules. Enjoy knowing Him and spending time praising and worshipping Him! He’ll become REAL!!!

Arnie was one of my Bible Teachers 35 years ago. A man who knows and loves the Lord. A blessing to all who listen with open hearts and minds.

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Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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