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For many years now, I have experienced, what I consider a problem, though I find myself accepting it, even as I disagree.

Whether in a Convenience Store, Hardware Store or Restaurant, there are folks who want to sweeten the deal we are getting.

Sometimes they give you a bigger portion, or they do not charge you for something, or give you a discount you do not deserve.

I think many of us accept these gifts gratefully. Not conscious of the fact that the clerk or server is helping us to steal from the owners of the establishment.

It’s a little thing, not grand theft, but it is taken away from the profits the owner is expecting and needs to keep the business in the black.

We should not accept these gifts. Yet, we do.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “My Perspective: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. It has bothered me also, but I have to balance the situation with what is the best good. I really don’t believe it is the time or place to make a scene. I often increase the size of a tip when the waiter brings me extra dressing, butter, and such but I’m not sure that is right. I definitely do not think one should make reprimands, corrections or such if there are people in line or otherwise can see/hear what you say. And it is awfully hard not to be looked on as overly “pious” regarding such things. I always call attention to getting the wrong change if there is no one in line, but seldom (depending on the amount) if it would embarrass the employee. What you do, do from the side of love. Many times the manager might prefer that kindness from an employee and factor in the return business factor. .


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