God’s Corrections : Dr. Arnie Smith

The Lord Jesus loves us too much to let us go our own way without disciplining us. Proverbs tells us to not despise God’s correction. As the song says, we often go astray, even if only a little. We get so busy or preoccupied we forget to stay in fellowship with Him or read the Bible or pray. It often takes an unpleasant event or experience to make us realize where we are.
God’s ways to correct us are not to punish us, but to cause us to change our behavior. When we’re experiencing trouble, we need to consider it may be due to something we’re doing, or not doing.
Years ago, I remember not being able to make sales as a salesman. I HAD been doing well, previously, but it had been quite awhile, and things were getting tough.
I HAD been considering a move, and FINALLY realized that the Lord was letting me know that it was His will As soon as I got the message, we made the move, got a new job, and things worked out!
That was a very important move, leading to the start of a new church. New Wine Fellowship came into being due to my being obedient to the Lord.Attendance grew to around 200 in a few months. What a reward for a couple of months of discomfort. PTL!!!


One of my teachers while in Bible School. I learned how to study the Word, because of his teachings.

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We all have the relationship we want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.
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