Jesus is Restoring the Supernatural Church: Nelson Hopkins

For Jesus to restore the Supernatural Church, the Church must learn receive the supernatural promises written in God’s word. Much debate today, mostly within church circles, for the world could care less, denies the power of God’s word.

Many today become “saved” and hold on and hope for the best in this life and to land on heaven’s shores in the next. All the while ignorant or ignoring the words of Jesus that He came not only to seek and to save the lost but also that we could have life more abundantly.

The pauper mentality will not get it done. I am not just talking about material blessing which is a part of the inheritance of believers but especially the lack of power to show forth infallible proofs of His resurrection. The Lord working with us. Confirming His word.

It is not for debate but for display of the mighty works of Almighty God who is watching over His word to perform it.

He is looking for people that will proclaim it for they emphatically believe it will transform the lives of those who will receive it.

The Gospel is the POWER OF GOD unto salvation! Spirit, soul and body!
Believe it or not!

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