Separation Anxiety: theunfetteredpreacher

I am experiencing Separation Anxiety. lol, Not really, (I am not pining for anything or anyone).

The truth is, I am not at all anxious… Just frustrated. (lol), My efforts to explain, excite, and cause people to search the Word, and draw closer to God, seem to be in vain.

I am attempting, to light a fire, with wet wood. (Christians do not realize, we need to continuely reread the Word), and our understandingknowledge grows as we study), only then will we receive His Revelation.

My attempts to generate interest, hasn’t caused them light up with excitement.

The longer I study the Word, the stronger my belief, that we can recognize, separate and understand, which member of the Trinity is directing our path.

Usually, those I share with, shrug their shoulders and ask, ‘Why should we care?’ My answer?

Do you desire to serve God? Do you know what His good, acceptable, and perfect will is, for your life?

Some, are destined to be Preachers of Righteousness. Others Prayer Warriors, (fighting the Spiritual Battles), still others are engaged in Physical War, (battles, for thesure hearts and minds of others).

The Ministry Gifts are many and varried. From Giving to Serving, Administration and Operations. Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. The Lord also promised, Miracles, Healing, and Prophecy. All the Gifts are needed, for a growing vibrant Church.

If we take the time to recognize which member of the Trinity is directing our paths, we begin to understand the struggles, persecution, and fears we may encounter.

Do you wonder why sometimes the Lord God speaks, with one voice? Or we find God, or the Lord both speaking, almost the same message, but one adds more information than the other.

Why we read of the Spirit, and or, the Angel of God, or of the Lord? I am sure, we can better understand the ways and will of God for our lives, if we seek Him with all our heart, mind and strength.

Thanks for visiting,
Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. I desire a more intimate one.
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