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In my close to 40 years, knowing the Lord, I have heard many Preachers, teach on the Talents, of Matthew 25: Often, it is about money, or some physical talent we might have, Music, usually. We must use our Talent for the Lord.

(It is funny how many do not ask us to share a talent to Preach. They hold their Pulpit, closer then they do their money.) lol

Earlier today I heard a (Dr?) Lutzer, I believe from Moody Bible College. He related the Talents, not to money or musical talent, but to what Christ, actually left His Servants.

He left us the Gospel. The Great Commission, we are to share the Good News. Have we?

Have we brought people into the Kingdom? Have we taught what we have known, to expand our knowledge of the Gospel, to become better witnesses? Or have we gone to Church, and hid our knowledge from those we work, and, or play with?

Will we receive praise, or be condemned?

I believe (Dr?) Lutzer is on the right track. The Talents Jesus left us, are indeed the Gospel, which I never really considered. I had come to believe the Talents we were left, are the Gifts of the Spirit.

So many have buried the Gifts, they do not understand or are afraid of what they do, so they just never question or ask God for them. We assume they died with the Apostles.

Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) He Said the works He did. (healing the sick, giving sight tonthe blind, causing the lame to walk, the dead to live. To comfort the broken hearted.) (John 14:12-14)

When I was around Full Gospel Believers, I desired for people to come to the Lord. Since I have been in this UMC, (Evangelical), Church, and had contact with people who only believe the Salvation portion of the Word, my heart has been to bring these people to the Joy of the Lord.

By Scripture songs, and reading and sharing, of the Word. I had thought they would jump at the posibility of knowing the Gifts of the Spirit. I was wrong.

I pray, they are not hiding the Gifts. I ask the Lord to open their eyes and ears, so that all might hear the Words and Will of God.

The Lord left us two instructions, Share the Gospel, and receive Power from the Holy Spirit to build His Church. Have we accepted all that Christ has given us?

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