The Comfort of Family: theunfetteredpreacher

Two of Bette’s five sisters came from Minnesota, for a three week visit. It is such a blessing to have family that loves and serves the Lord.

Donna, her sister from Goldsboro, NC, stayed a few days also. A wonderful time was enjoyed. We are expecting another sister in November, and a sister and brother in-law in January.

I married into an extraordinarily, loving family. We ate too much, including Fritz, our dog. (Someone was sneaking him treats, and I gained nine pounds).

I know this, because Fritz, ignored his dog food often during their visit. Since they left, Fritz is back on his regular diet, and I lost five pounds.

The sisters quickly were bored with our quiet lifestyle. Soon they were cleaning out cupboards and closets. (They never stopped).

We’ve been searching for everything now… lol… I wouldn’t change it for the world.

In birth order, we have Eunice, coming in, at number two, Mavis, number three, Bette, number four, and Donna number five.

We added my daughter Celeste and Fritz our dog.

I am so thankful for their love and support. We look forward to seeing her other sisters, soon.

Thanks for visiting,
Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. I desire a more intimate one.
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