“Before God, I lie not.” theunfetteredpreacher

Galatians 1: 20

“Now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not.”

I guess this Blog,… is my Ministry. (Sad as it is). Almost 700 followers , and I wonder if anyone actually reads it. Or do the few that like my posts, just do so, without reading.

Am I just filling cyberspace with worthless dribble? I had hoped it would be a meaningful project. That those already saved, would be encouraged to draw closer to the Lord.

There is so much Power that His Church, is not realizing, and not expecting to experience. Why?

There is something wrong with what and how we believe. We must become like a child. Children just cry out, for food, changing, cuddling, attention.

We only cry out to God, when trouble comes to our door. The Lord answers our cries.

We need to cry out, for a closer walk, for an understanding of His Word, for a heart that Hungers and Thirsts after His Righteousness.

Jesus, tell me, am I wasting away or have I reached anyone?

Thanks for visiting,
Know You Are Loved

We all have the relationship we want with God. I desire a more intimate one.

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6 thoughts on ““Before God, I lie not.” theunfetteredpreacher

  1. I wondered the same of my posts. I started my blog just as my own devotion, not expecting anyone to take notice. Yet some have but not sure if they really do. You are right, our faith and love needs to be child like. Each day. I pray I am have become even closers to my Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless.


  2. I confess, I don’t read every post you write, but I’d say at least 75% of them I do. I don’t “like” every one I read, some of them cut too close to “like”. But I appreciate the work you’re doing, and appreciate seeing the link in my email.

    I have been, and will continue to, pray for you. I hope that hearing from a few of us encourages you. In the sales world one comment or letter is considered to represent about 15 people who don’t say anything.

    Thanks for reading. Know YOU are loved, brother!


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