Truth and the Holy Spirit: theunfetteredpreacher

I have been teaching about the Holy Spirit in our Wednesday night Bible study. The first week was on the Spirit of God, the second week it was on the Spirit of the Lord. I do not think my teachings were well received. It seems no one had ever taught them the difference between the Lord and of God in the Old Testiment.

I don’t think they accept what the Bible says, over what they have always believed or were taught.

It is funny, Jesus called the Holy Spirit by many different Names, that explained who He is, so why do we refuse to believe what the Old Testiment teaches. In the New Testiment, He is called the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, the Teacher of all Truth, a Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of God.

If you look up the Spirit of God in the Old Testiment, you will quickly see, it is a Spirit of Wisdon, Knowledge, and Understanding, and a little later of Prophecy. As you look into the Spirit of the Lord, we find a Spirit of battle, of warfare, and later Prophecy.

it seems people can not accept that there are diferences between the Lord, the Father and the Law Giver, and God, the Giver of Grace, who is Jesus, the image of God.

If/ you need to, and you should, bring out your Concordence and see iI it is True. I am quite confident that, if you search, you will be compelled to agree. Please give me your feedback.

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