Silent Sam, history denied: theunfetteredpreacher

Last evening a crew of crazy college students, tore down the statue of Silent Sam. A stature that honored the students from UNC Chapel Hill, who left the school to fight in the Civil War.

There were over 1,000 privates and many officers that fought, many died on the fields of battle.

This statue was dedicated in 1913, to honour their sacrifices, and stood there over 100 years, no problem.

So why did they go crazy now?

For some reason, liberals are determined to erase our history, destroy our patriotism, and encourage Socialism.

Which will be the death knoll, of this once great country.

I hear, ‘America was never great.’ This informs me, they have no clue of our history, and of those who died from the Revolutionary War to Today’s Conflicts.

All so that they would have the privalidge to protest today. The answer is really simple. Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Some refuse to accept the election even now, so they must yell, scream, and destroy, all that is in their way.

Many apparently do not even know what they are protesting, it is a case of what was once called WILDING.

The NFL, should have taken decisive action at the first sign of this follishness. Kneelers should have been sent to the locker room, fined and if it was repeated, fired.

Problem solved.

Instead it has all escalated to clowns trying to remove our history, instead of learning from it. Our Higher Education System, has failed us completely.

Our students from Elementary School to College, lack the information, the basic knowledge, that would cause them to understand our Constitution, the rights and privalidge’s we enjoy, and the reasons we should guard and protect our Heritage, and practice our traditions.

Acts 19: 32.

“Some therefore cried one thing, and some another: for the assembly was confused; and the more part knew not wherefore they were come together.”

Confused, Ignorant, and Dangerous, and we only have ourselves to blame.

We gave our children into the care of Government Schools, when so many in Academia hate our country and the rule of law, so those they indoctrinate, follow suit.

Shame on us.

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